I speak about food all the time! What I made, how good it was, what I ordered, what and when I will eat next. The mere thought of creating yet another gluten free something that actually tastes amazing is pure joy to me. The other topic I speak of all the time is the negative affects of gluten. As you should know by now my mission is to educate anyone who will listen about celiac disease and importance eating gluten free.

One day a friend who had been complaining of bloating and irritability asked me for help. Finally, I thought! I had been begging her just to try and go without gluten for a few weeks to see if her situation changed. She happily agreed but needed a road map of what she could and could not eat. That’s where the Gluten Free Challenge was born and I have passed on this challenge to so many since. Another friend actually lost almost 20lbs! She realized that her extra weight was actually inflammation due being allergic to gluten, and had no idea until she had taken it out of her diet completely.

Is it easy? No, but well worth it! Take the attached test and see if you have any of the symptoms. If so, try the Gluten Free Challenge and then retake the test. I promise in 2 weeks you will feel different. Download the challenge below.  If it doesn’t automatically download, you may need to right click on the image.