We celiacs need to get the word out, the CORRECT word out, about what this disease is REALLY about, and I need your help. I know how so many of you, like myself, have felt so unheard with this disease. Doctors, friends, even family suggesting that maybe your physical symptoms were somehow in your head.

Well, now is your time to speak your MIND, raise awareness, and help others suffering like you. Here’s what I need you to do.  I’d like to create a Campaign for Celiac Awareness in a short film version by combining your video stories with mine.

Here is my video plus a handful of others that have been sent to me by other celiacs.

So grab your video camera or your iphone and put yourself on tape!

If you’d like to participate, I’ve listed some helpful and *required guidelines below. Please note that we will need release forms signed to allow us the use of your video, your story and your voice. The purpose of this video is to raise awareness and inspire our health community to learn more about this disease.

Required Guidelines:

All entries MUST be Celiac.

Your video must begin with: “My name is ____________ and I’m a Celiac. It took ___ years (months/weeks) to be diagnosed.” And then proceed to tell us about your diagnosis process and your journey. How long did it take you to get a proper diagnosis? Were you given helpful instruction on how to survive and become healthy after being diagnosed? Please list examples of misdiagnosis and/or other physical/social/mental problems that came from being undiagnosed for so long. For example: infertility, cancer, nerve damage, hair loss, osteoporosis, loss of friends or social events, depression…

Please keep your video under 3 minutes.

Please also sign and send this release form along with your video submission, allowing us to use your footage. Also understand that there is no guarantee of usage. [Click here to download the required release form.]

I understand that most of us are not video production professionals, however please try to make sure you have good, even lighting and are in a neutral environment. Avoid logos on your clothing and in your surrounding environment. Highly visible logos may prevent us from being able to use your footage. Please also send high resolution footage if you can (the larger the file size, the better the resolution).

Submit your videos and your release form to videosubmission@jennifersway.org. Please note, anything over 20 megabytes will not be accepted by our email server, so you might consider using one of the following services to send your large file:
- wetransfer.com
- yousendit.com

I’m so thrilled to join forces with you. Seeing your faces and hearing your stories live on film will be close to meeting you in person, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me! We need the TRUTH of this disease to get out there, and with your help we can get it there. Many voices are louder than one. Make your voice and your story known.

I hope to “see” you soon. Much love!

~ Jennifer Esposito

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  1. Christy Wickenkamp

    Why just Celiac? What about those of us with the same auto immune disease? Only difference is that our immune system creates antigens that identify the part of the gluten that matches our cerebellum. Celiac picks up a different part that matches the intestines. I experienced the same thing you did as a top neurologist at Mayo told me it was all in my head. I was finally diagnosed, after being told by other doctors that I would be dead by the end of the year because I had some degenerative spinal disease. Thanks to an article in the Liiving Without magazine, I am still here today.

    I held a symposium that focused on gluten free, regardless if someone had Autism, Celiac, Gluten Ataxia or ADHD. Interestingly most people have many family members with one or more of these. I had the Celiac Sprue association, a Autism specialist and nutritionist at the event. I was amazed when the former president of the Celiac Sprue Association asked me where I thought Gluten Ataxia belonged. They had been conversing with the National Ataxia Foundation on who should own this.

    I have to ask what makes Celiac so special? We should be educating people about what a auto immune disease is and how your body will choose to attack a specific part of your body based on the section of the Gluten DNA it chooses to recognize as a unfriendly invader. Which probably all started when you had a virus or bacteria that had the same section of DNA code in it. We should educate them on the studies that show how gluten cuts of blood flow to the brain and then allows it to saturate the brain which by the way cause anxiety and depression. Maybe you should consider raising Gluten Auto Immune Disease awareness.

    Thank you,

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