263 E. 10th St. (btwn 1st Ave and Ave A), New York, NY 10009, Phone: 646.682.9501 (Call for hours)gluten free bakery in new york city

Five years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease and food allergies. I was told a gluten-free diet would solve my woes. NOT TRUE! Not only did most products taste like a shoe but they were loaded with starch, sugar, preservatives, and made in cross-contaminated facilities.

I created Jennifer’s Way™ as an answer to all that – to be the Celiac Standard, requiring only the purest, healthiest, organic, non GMO ingredients I could find; all made in this gluten-free facility in small batches to ensure quality, nutrition and taste!

For the celiac, the gluten challenged and anyone who wants to live a healthier life.

Food should be ENJOYED, not feared!

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    1. Susan O'Connor

      Jennifer…. Did you ever hear of “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” by Dr D’Adamo ? He saved my life. I had severe ulcerative colitis . You may want to consider checking this out . My son is a gastroenterologist and he think Dr D is a genius. If you or anyone that works for you wants to contact me I am thrilled to share my amazing story and information. susanoconnor42@yahoo.com

    2. Michael Pleasant

      I to deal with dietary problems. My DR. has gone gluton free and told me to try it. My problem is that I am disabled and on a fixed income, so imagine my shock at the financial costs.

    3. Charles Stewart

      Jennifer i was diagnosed with this in 1990, before this they really didn’t know that much about it.Now there are more products in the grocery stores for us to eat. It is really frustrating though when you hear someone who doesn’t have sprue say are on gluten free for health reasons. I would gladly trade places with them any day.Wish you all the best in life.

  1. Greer Celestin


    First of all I really appreciate your work as an actor. I saw a report on your bakery and I’d like to know if I can order breads and rolls from you. I live in Miami, FL and I’m fighting a battle with a tumor in my mouth that prevents me from eating solid foods. I have gone from a weight of 135 to 121 because I have lost all motivation to cook and I thought your breads and muffins would help.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    Greer Celestin

  2. Kim Arnold

    Yes, I would like to know also if you can ship any of your products or buy any of your baking items. I thought you could buy those before but not seeing or just not looking in the right spot.

    Thanks very much!

    Kim Arnold

    1. Denise

      I am waiting to find out when you will start shipping. Also will you be expanding you company to other states. I would love to own a bakery here in Fla. that was gluten free, soy free, wheat free, egg free…….

  3. Maria

    My husband has CD, and he recently figured out he’s sensitive to a few other ingredients in a lot of GF products. They are xanthan gum and carageenan. I think you mention carageenan as a no-no in your writing, but I’m curious to hear if you’ve gotten letters from others with CD re: xanthan. Will you use xanthan in your baking?
    Thanks for your hard work!

  4. Colleen Comito


    Just diagnosed…have Lupus and autoimmune thyroid disease. Allergic to milk, soy and almonds. Do your bakery products contain almonds? I had a good portion of my intestines removed, I bloated and they twisted. It was emergency surgery. I am severely anemic. Need gentle foods..not allowed beans. I am a vegetarian…I do eat egg whites. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years, tried being vegan for 2 years…felt great because I was also gluten-free, but was told not enough protein. I need to know exactly which Total Vegan protein powder you use that is Rice based. I live on Staten Island…came from Brooklyn…..your book is awesome!!!! Loved you in Blue Bloods!

    Thank you and God bless!

    Colleen Comito

  5. martina

    Ciao Jennifer,

    Why don’t you open up a bakery here in Italy? We have the California Bakery which is doing quite well but with an increasing number of Celiac’s here as well, your bakery would do a lot of good!!!


  6. Barbara Galantowicz

    Hi Jennifer, I just finished your book and thank you so much for sharing! The reason I am writing is because your understanding of how important it is to have a gluten free kitchen. I am the medical director of a Paul Newman (seriousfun network or previously known as Hole in the Wall camp) in Ohio and we have a GI week where kids with all kinds of GI diseases come all for free and we take care of their medical with the hope they find a “new” normal. I had our food service convinced to do a whole Gluten Free week, clean the whole kitchen from top to bottom (and I think easier because then you do not have to worry about cross-contamination) They however, do not completely get the importance and realize the consequences they are hesitant to do it this year because of cost ($5000 extra) We had some sponsors that helped out but looking for more and was wondering if you had any connections that would be willing to support this effort? I am sorry I have to write this on your blog but did not know how else to reach you. Thank you so much for what you do and have done. Both my Celiacs (son and daughter)are getting your book!

  7. Cheryl dinapoli

    Hi Jennifer, Saw a post on Facebook about your interview with Fox News regarding celiac disease and your bakery. Thank you for bringing celiac disease more out in the open. My daughter after being away at college for 4 years came home and started getting sick. After a few months she went to doctor who thru blood work and endoscopy found her to have celiac disease. At first it was rough since our family of 5 only had one GF. So I started researching and reading all about it and made my own flour, etc. she has her own toaster and colander for pastas. It’s expensive but if you trial n error foods. Eventually you will know what you like. I can’t wait to go to your bakery. We live in Brooklyn so it’s not a problem. P.S. Love u as an actress on Blue Bloods.

  8. Laura Collier

    I just watched your segment on Katie and was moved by your story. I have celiac disease and congenitive neutropenia. Both are auto-immune diseases and it can make you feel so isolated. I wish that I lived near your bakery so that I could try all of your gluten free foods. Thank you for sharing your story and making a difference!

  9. Joy

    I went to the Katie Couric show to hear you speak on Celiac and your life story. You were very informative and I am sure helped alot of people who are having health issues and don’t know where to turn. Can’t wait to get to your bakery and finally purchase a GF Bagel. Thank you for sharing your story

  10. Lissette Monzon

    I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease after having lost 37 pounds in 3 1/2 months. Please keep me posted. Although there a lot of “gluten-free” products on the market, I have been wary because my symptoms have not gone away. Do you deliver out of state?

  11. Amy

    Not Sure How I feel about this. I understand that all wheat contains gluten, but not all gluten is in wheat. Food allergies are a big deal, but to say that people are not allergic to gluten just because there isn’t a test for it is a far stretch. Maybe you can do some clarification or meet with this guy and get to the bottom of what he is trying to say. He is going to start a firestorm with this comment.

    1. Yara

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  12. Beatrice Bonamassa

    I am so happy that you are well and that you didn’t give up on your health. I saw you on KATIE and you look terrific!!!
    What a dream your bakery is, I love it and can’t wait to visit. Thank you for all the info.

  13. Liz Loprete

    Im so impressed with you. My daughter hasbeen suffering for all her life constantly feeling sick but never diagnosed with any thing that would cause her to constantly be sick. Ive recently tried to cut out gluten but this is very difficult as there is only 1 brand of gluten free flour available in south Australia and all the gluten free products are so full of sugar and other chemical. Ive been tring to find amaranth flour but cant find it dose it have another name? I want to get your book but other books I have purchaced from america is full of things that are not available here. Thank you. You really are an insperation, you have made me believe that im doing the right thing for her and she has been a lot better for the last three months
    Thank you so much for you open and honest views i wish I could come and see you bakery
    Thanks for all the infomation

  14. Dr. Ronald Hoffman

    I am the host of the Intelligent Medicine radio show and podcast series, and a holistic MD in NYC, with a substantial g-free orientation. I would like to interview Jennifer for my podcast. We record Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-6 PM ET and we’re currently booking for June. Pls contact me at the above email as to Jennifer’s availability

    Dr. Ron Hoffman

  15. Elyse

    Thank you so much for raising the awareness for Celiacs. I was diagnosed when I was seven years old, so I am rather lucky. However, I had and still have many neurological issues and symptoms as I read you do as well within your book. It is frustrating to me how many people are just going gluten-free as a fad diet to lose weight.
    Restaurants have been starting to become less careful with preparing my food; I have to specify that it’s not just a diet, I will get sick if it is cross contaminated, etc. Hopefully, one day, Celiacs will be able to eat anywhere without fear of illness and everyone will know what the disease is! Thank you.

  16. Carol

    I have just finished reading the most wonderful and informative book. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. When I call the education dept. of hospitals, I have to explain what Celiac disease is. For Real! No classes available. Live in the Northwest
    Do you ever plan to write a real cookbook?

  17. Mggie R

    Jennifer, Thank you, thank you for your wonderful book, Alought I have not been officially diagnosed wtih Celic, I do have Hashimoto’s disease and have I been so sick for nearly 30 years. I have 3 children-all of who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s as well. I lived your story on nearly every page. I went from Doctor to doctor in hopes of finding someone who would be able to make a correct diagosis only to be told that I must be depressed, I must be anxious, I must be working to hard and that I should quit and take it easy for awhile so that I wouldnt be so stressed. or take this antidepressant because you might be bipolar. Not working is not an option in my life. I have finally found a naturopathic /functional medicine doctor who really ” gets it” and is trying to find the root cause of the autoimmune disease and optimize the treatments to help our leaky gut. My children and I have all had our food sensitivities tested and like you, I found that I was sensitive to nearly all the healthy food that I was eating on the gluten free/ AIP paleo. There isn’t much left to eat in my world right now. I am taking tons of quality supplements as so aremy children so this is very expensive endeavor. MY 3 children have been able to get their antibodies down nearly to the undetectable range, but mine are coming dowm much nore slowly as I have been sick the longest, but they are getting there. My last hurrdle to figure out is why the intense pain remains- I am gluten free, dairy free, sugar,soy free, and nightshade free and am very careful aboout what I eat and where. I have found that many of the autoimmune diseases like Celic disese and Hashimoto’s disease hve many symptoms in common. Thank you for writing this book for all of us. So many of us are so distrustful of standard medical doctors who don’t understand anything about autoimmune disease. I am so tired of other doctors telling me that ” Hashimoto’s Disease isn’t a big deal.” I am exhausted and have lost the last 30 years of my life- virtually all the years since I was diagnosed shortly after my first daughter with Hashi’s was born. Jennifer, we are sisters in this autoimmune life that we share. Thank you for givig us a voice.

  18. Laurie Hanlon

    I just got diagnosed with celiac disease and just finished your book. Thank you for sharing your story! I am looking for skin and hair care products like hair shampoo and conditioner, body moisturizer lotion, sunscreen and makeup that are gluten free. do you have any suggestions? I am eager to order your bakery products for home delivery!

  19. marisa

    Ms. Jennifer i say u need to bring your recipes here to California Los Angeles where I have noticed an increase to eczema and my daughter is one of them ..She is in need of a strict diet but for a kid age 4 how can I restrict her from so much … this will be a great little store to have around X) thank you ..

  20. Jantina

    Hi Jennifer,
    I have been gluten free for two years now because I figured out myself that the gluten in my diet was making me ill after talking to a coworker who had CD. Even though what I have is an intolerance, after reading your book (which I loved!) I have realized my intolerance was worse than I thought after looking back on my diet these pass two years and Still flirting with gluten and not taking the intolerance seriously. Well, I am now de-glutaning (I know not a real word) my kitchen! Thank you for writing this book! I’m passing it on to my mom!
    P.s. Can I order flour from your bakery? Or even bread if I over night end it?

  21. Steve Ulinski

    Hi Jennifer I am a huge huge fan of you and I live in Armada Michigan a kinda small town and I’ve had gluten reactions over the past 12 years and after I found out you with celiac disease and I looked into it and thought OH NO WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO YOU, THAT’S NOT FAIR. I kinda felt the same way you did when I read your blog on being called a DICK WAD that’s not funny at all. But anyway I read your recipes and tried them and I love them I feel proud on living gluten free. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and Godspeed Jennifer

  22. Wende

    Hi…..I am SO happy I found you..my friend has been trying to eat healthy..I remembered seeing you on a show on the cooking channel way back when..googled you and bam here you are…so happy you did a bakery…I’ll have to check it out when I get to NYC..Best Wishes with all your endeavors…..Wende

  23. Joan

    Hi Jennifer. Read your book and totally connected with your story. Learned so much new information as well. Looking forward to trying your GF Bagels! Thanks for being a voice for CD!!

  24. camille

    Hi Jennifer,

    I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for the Celiac community. Please, please, please, keep speaking out and telling your story! We need to make this world aware of this disease.

    Also, I am coming down…just to have a bagel! Can’t wait!


  25. judy bazler

    Please understand that gluten insentivity is also a real disease. No test was positive–not an endoscopy, not a camera in the intestines, nothing. Allergy test slightly positive. Anemic and needed a blood transfusion. Really sick, bloated, and not able to get around. Now after about 4 years gluten free, no anemia, no bloating and walk about a mile to two a day. I understand that there are those who have chosen to follow a gluten free diet to lose weight but I follow this diet to LIVE. Gluten insentivity is a real disease but not as serious as celiac. thank you for your book and for your business

  26. michael

    just saw you on the daily show and power and peace to you. I was diagnosed with ms and am taking a drug called ldn. I would like to ask you and all with bauto immune to google ldn and just check it out. peace from the ‘high’dezsert

  27. Laura

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am so glad to see you step out of the ‘norm’ on gluten free. I am a mom of five and my youngest son has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer si ince 2011.
    While he was going through chemo and radiation he could not keep down anything. I ended up putting him on a whole food gluten free diet and today he is in remission!!
    I created a 100% whole grain gluten free baking blend and bread blend that with the encouragement of friends, doctors, nurses etc this past year brought this to market. And my mix is the ONLY 100% whole grain naturally gluten free mix in the market, kosher, and listed on Celiac.com website. amazing how this has gone.
    At Amplatz children’s hospital in Mpls i would bring a portable muffin maker and make gluten free muffins for my boy while he was in for long stretches of time. my mission is like you Jennifer to show people they can eat real food and get well.
    After reading how you are working hard to bring real food to those who suffer from celiac and food allergies i was compelled to post this.
    we are all in this together!!
    Laura Halfpenny

  28. Erica

    Do you have any options for people with Chronic Lyme Disease? Your story sounded so similar to my journey figuring out that I had Lyme. With Lyme, I can’t eat gluten, sugar, yeast, starch, nor foods high in sugar like dates, raisins, bananas, and carrots. But at least I can have berries! I follow a Candida like diet since Lyme and Candida are both bad bacteria and thrive on the same foods.

  29. Tina Discepola MD

    Hi Jennifer. I just tasted a piece of your strawberry bundt cake while working at Frank Lipman’s office. Outstanding!! Patrick and Rick have been trying to get me to your bakery for longest time. You got me!! SO happy that you are getting the word out and have created a safe place where people with all degrees of gluten sensitivities can go to. Keep up the great work. Let me know when you will visit us again, so that we can meet in person.

  30. Sandra Soares

    OMG! Everytime I see an interview with you it makes me cry. Someone that has been through the same things as I and many others. I see your bakery on the Celebrity Bucket List and I want to go and taste all the delicious foods. Your bread looks delicious and soft. It is so hard to find a bread that is soft. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a special person and to talk about the disease. I wish you the best and hope to come and visit your bakery one of these days.

    1. Vicky

      I liked up to you’ll obtain pemrofred right here. The comic strip is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an shakiness over that you wish be turning in the following. sick definitely come more before again as precisely the same nearly very frequently within case you defend this hike.

  31. Jean Jensen

    I just finished your book. I loved it. Was recently diagnosed with Celiac October 2013. I am a 53 year old woman with diabetes, colitis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am on so many different medinces for all my jmedical issues. The celiac has been the hardest. Do you sell sugar free gluten free products? Thank you.

  32. Jean Jankovich.

    Hi Jennifer!

    I want to thank you for sharing your journey battling celiac and helping others thru your book and bakery.

    I too have Celiac and a litany of health issues. I know first hand how true the struggles you have experienced are all too familiar to myself. As a Celiac, I’m troubled that the medical community is so untrained, unfamiliar, uneducated nor interested in stepping up to the plate and helping us.

    As I read your book, I cried and laughed at how similar so many of your struggles are to my own.

    Several years ago, I had a doubled cervical implant surgery, a surgery to remove a Larygocele (tumor pressing on my larynx ) and also recent hospitalization for numbness on my left arm at a various local hospitals here in South Florida.

    For each hospitalization, I cried because they didn’t know how to provide a gluten and dairy free diet so the put me on some other diets.. Both the physicians and hospital staff treated my well disclosed and documented celiac diet as a fad diet rather than a necessity.

    Five years ago, I was treated for asthma with a litany of inhalers and meds when the reality is, there is abdolutely nothing wrong with my lungs but rather a tumor in my throat pressing against my larynx! Before my surgery to remove the tumor in my throat, there were days whereby I’d have to pull over to the side of the road cause I couldn’t breathe and.calling 911 would be a waste of time because they would just tell to take a Xanax and I’d be fine . . How is it fine knowing that a tumor in my throat could explode at any time – killing me?

    I’ve also battled with depression for many years. My ex and teenage sons were very emotionally abusive and I felt powerless – I tried to kill myself 7 times before I realized that the relationship was no longer worth it and got a divorce. God saved me from dying and this was 12 years ago .. Long before being diagnosed with Celuac.

    I’ve also battled with iron deficiency anemia for most of my adult life as well which subsided after I went gluten & lactose free.

    I’m now in my 50s and no longer able to work. I never know when I’ll be sick and so weak that I’ll need to lie down.. I also have chronic pain. I’m gaining too much weight from the meds … But i can’t bear the pain!

    I wish there were nearby gluten free restaurants, bakery’s and any support groups in South Florida.

    I want to thank you for being so brave and sharing your story and support for the rest of us facing the same issues .

    God Bless and keep you safe!

    Jean J

  33. Patti

    Hello Jennifer!

    What a blessing you are! I have a wheat allergy, soy, dairy, egg yolk, and most grains, this all happened to me in the middle of menopause (thank you very much)…but I will survive!

    I’ve done quite well with my ‘creative kitchen touch’..and will look forward to reading your book.

    I’m also Sicilian and Eastern European. We ate for every occasion! It’s been VERY difficult not eating bread- I truly miss it. I’ll venture into the bread making territory soon, but for now I’m doing ok.

    Can’t wait to buy your book, Jennifer!

    Warmest Wishes,

  34. Deborah Rosen

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m watching you on The Chew and must tell you about my best friend, Deena Scholl, who also suffers from celiac disease. She is the founder of Deceptive Delights. The two of you are the same person in two different bodies. Please check out her website (deceptivedelights.com)and think about contacting her directly. She has developed all types of (primarily) dessert items (including cheese cake and ice cream) that is dairy free, sugar free and (most importantly) gluten free. I’m sure she’d love to bake you a cheese cake, perhaps for your wedding.

    Her phone number is 206-347-0420. Not only is she brilliant, creative and fun – she’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and only wants to help people, in the same way you do.

    I hope you see this note,as I’m sure you’ll be bombarded after the show airs.

    Best regards,

    Deborah Rosen
    Founder, President
    Good CitiZEN Dog Training

  35. Donna

    I also saw you on the Chew n we tried your Banana French Toast. Had some sticking problems n fixed them. The guys loved them. Thank You for sharing. I am going to buy your cook book n also would love to know If Deena Scholl has a book also would love to try the cheese cake recipe ;) Thank You for sharing n spreading the love. I am new to being gluten free n there isn’t really much out there. In my neck of the woods. (ok I live near a city even) Near Springfield Mass. Thanx Again n Bless you

  36. Donna

    I also saw you on the Chew n we tried your Banana French Toast. Had some sticking problems n fixed them. The guys loved them. Thank You for sharing. I am going to buy your cook book n also would love to know If Deena Scholl has a book also would love to try the cheese cake recipe ;) Thank You for sharing n spreading the love. I am new to being gluten free n there isn’t really much out there. In my neck of the woods. (ok I live near a city even) Near Springfield Mass. Thanx Again n Bless you

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  39. Trey Marie Alvarez

    Hi Miss Jennifer.
    I thank you for writing your book and laying it all on the table. I am 37 years old and I have always battled with stomach problems. My mother and my children are my biggest advocates. My youngest daughter also deals with my problems. She is nine and her name is Lucy. From birth she has had stomach issues. She has stomach issues at school that makes it very difficult for her even though she has been off gluten for two years and dairy for four years.
    My doctor did an LCAT test on me and it came out that I am sensitive to gluten, dairy, oats, salmon, pecans, many vegetables, beans and many fruits…..can’t eat much:(
    I live in south Texas and there is nothing here that is gluten and dairy free…..horrible!
    Moving on….my mother bought your book and gave it to me and it FREAKED me out because reading it was like reading my life story (anxiety, pain, doctors laughing at me feeling that I’m making all this up). I am living your life with the exception of becoming an actress….but the sad part is so is my daughter.
    I appreciate all that you have done and wish you nothing but happiness, success and especially good health:)
    I do hope to meet you one day as i plan a trip to New York.
    Trey Marie

  40. Debra

    I just heard you speak this morning at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Thank you so much for being so brave and taking your life story to the people. Your story is my daughter’s story. I’ve always known and believed there was a reason, a root cause for all her food sensitivities and growing list of autoimmune issues. She is now 28 years old. Works for Johns Hopkins. There are enlightened doctors there, and those who are not so much. She’s now diagnosed with IBS, but they know she has a severe and measurable Vitamin D3 deficiency, Pernicious Anemia, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, and now . . . abnormal parathyroid levels. Her Gastro specialist had her go gluten free some 10 years ago. But she still has sooo many other allergies.

    I think her soul was hurt by not being believed, taken seriously for many years. She was in the hospital with seizures that were diagnosed as ‘pseudo seizures’ and written off as a psych case when she was a teen. I always knew and assured her she wasn’t a psych case. She was abused by the medical system. You’ve given me new words to try and help my girl on a soul level.

    And you have a bakery!! That ships!! My daughter and son in law will be sooo happy. :)

    I just came here to say your story touched me very deeply, Jennifer. And to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Thank you!!! From the very bottom of my heart. I think you gave me so many answers I was looking for and you have shed light on so many lives. I visited your amazing bakery and found it to be delightful and delicious. The girl behind the counter was nice enough to provide me information regarding a doctor who could assist me because where I’m from, there is no such doctor who can help me. However, I cant seem to find the number and would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me again :) have an amazing day! Thansk!

  42. Bettye Cart

    Hey Jennifer you wizard cook, I am sending one of our patients to your bakery. She is in college at NYU and we miss her back here in CA but hopefully she will find you and bring some of your goodies back for me to taste.
    Stay in the Love!

  43. jenn

    My daughter hayleigh who is turning 13 on August 18th and I both have Celiac disease. We are watching Blue Bloods on Amazon prime and are loving your role. We are planning on visiting your bakery on authority’s bday trip to New York on Sat the 15th. Thank u for making a safe place for us to go enjoy some yummy food. Hayleigh was do excited when she found out you had created the bakery. Take care. Jenn

  44. Marie perlmutter

    I think your a great inspiration to others. My grandson is on a gluten free diet and my brother has celiac a. I read your story and it’s similar to my sons. We are also from Brooklyn. My son is 34 and he’s been nauseous, sweating and feeling ill for a while. They took all kinds of tests and everything comes up negative. The celiac test came up negative also. When I read your story I think of him. They can’t find anything wrong and he took all kinds of tests. He told me he can’t live live this anymore.. Any suggestions?

    Concerned mother.
    Marie Perlmutter

  45. Jack

    I don’t have celiacs disease, but I love Jennifer Esposito and went to her rockin’ bakery today in my neighborhood in the East Village. Got some banana bread with chocolate chips-fantastic!! Some really nice young women work there and I look forward to being a regular customer. Continued success, Jennifer and Co.!!!!

  46. Aurora

    Hi! Just heard about your troubles from the Glutendude’s website, and wanted to wish you all the best and offer free hugs.

    Your book is a treasure, and your blog is a safe haven. Never visted your bakery (yet) becasue I live in Norway. But it is on my to-do-list. My bucket list, actually. It’s right up there besides having a show at MoMA ;)

    Take care! We, the global coeliac community, love you!

  47. Daniela Pozzo

    Hello, I have been a customer of yours for years, and the past few months ordered online some baked goods. I got an email saying production was suspended … when will it resume? If never again, would you store ship to NJ?

    Thank you,

      1. Sylvia Ossorio

        You will resume the online purchasing of your products very soon? I am encouraged to hear this!! I am literally lost without your baked goods. They are the best of any I’ve tried and I’ve tried MANY. Please let me know if I am hoping correctly?

  48. Kimmi G

    The thought of walking into a bakery and being able to eat anything without the worry of CC, is mind blowing. It almost brings a celiac to tears. I will stop in the next time I am in NYC. Way to go!

  49. Abby Curry

    The chocolate lava cakes on your website sure look good! I hope that you will be able to ship baked goods in the future!

    I sure am glad I read your book – it explains a lot – especially what dairy can do to us.

    Thanks for being generous enough to share your story so others can be helped.

  50. Lynda Dine

    Thank You, Jennifer for starting up your business and telling us all about your journey. I loved your role in Blue Bloods. I’ve seen movies with you and enjoyed them as much…I give you props for standing up for yourself, not backing down. You are a strong woman. I am proud of you. I am gluten intolerant. I found out when cleaning for a nurse and Dr. and the nurse, Cheryl told me she suspected gluten intolerance. I owe my life to that woman!! My own Dr. didn’t want to run any tests, so she just told me I had M.S. I cried, uncontrollably. I thought I was wheelchair bound as I couldn’t walk or stand for more than a few seconds. Going gluten free saved my life!!! Everyone knows this about me, saw the difference in me within 2-3 years of being off of gluten products and they now are starting to eat gluten free and they ‘protect’ me from stupid people who want to gluten me. I love it!! I will order some of your goodies very soon. To not have to worry about being ‘glutened’ is HUGE!! Thanks again!! Take Care!!

  51. lasertest

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