There has been some back and forth from some of you about my recent blog – about my disgust with the lack of care for what goes into our gluten free food and major manufactures.  Some wrote that Dunkin Donuts new gluten free products are being made in a clean environment and that I should have researched that.  I did, and stated that in my blog.  Other comments were about your children being able to feel normal and being able to grab a donut with friends.  Yet another said it looked bad that I’m calling out Dunkin Donuts maybe because they will be my competition for my up coming bakery.

First let me start by saying that anything I write is MY OPINION, that’s why its called Jennifer’s Way.  I’m just bringing you what I believe, and learn, while navigating through this ever-changing and tricky disease.   Second,  as I’ve said before, MY CELIAC IS NOT YOUR CELIAC.  For ME, eating sugar, starches and highly processed foods make me only feel worse.  So that one minute of “normality” brings ME a week+ of illness, bloating, pain, brain fog and painful headaches. And as far as the comment that I may fear Dunkin Donuts being competition for my 400 sq ft., strictly gluten free, dairy free bakery packed with organic hand-made products is just silly.

I’m not going to try and convince you about the necessity of eating clean, healthy gluten free foods.  I’m also not going to say that a treat once and awhile is wrong.  I especially cannot tell a mother who sees their child hurt not only from this disease but because they feel different to not let them be a kid once and while.  All I want to get across is simply this, I have suffered from this disease going undiagnosed and was told to eat gluten free and I would  live a healthy life.  That was WRONG!  Its 1/8th of a tsp of gluten that damages our villi, (yes i’ve researched that) so my complaint about manufactures not taking this disease seriously does anger me.  The food we get that says gluten free needs to be 100% gluten free. Most do not understand that giving your child or yourself that one bite of “normality” could be hurting them in the long hall – and OVER TIME can leave you were I am, still healing my messed-up gut.

The number of people that write to me saying they have been gluten free for years and still don’t feel well is scary.  Is it because what they THOUGHT was gluten free wasn’t? And they were poisoning themselves overtime?  Or is it the lack of nutrients in most of the products they were consuming?  Maybe both?  I happen to think so.  All this information is for you to take and do what you will with it.  My wish is for all of us who deal with this disease, either personally or as a witness for someone else, is to feel well and be well.  Unfortunately sometimes that isn’t the easiest road.

Much Love,

Jennifer Esposito