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My All Purpose Flour & Old Fashioned Pancake Mix is finally ready!  A limited amount will be available for purchase here on the website and on Amazon late next week, but until then I’m giving away a care package to three lucky winners.  All you have to do to enter to win is answer this simple question in my comments section below.

[box] What is your favorite memory or funniest memory while baking or making pancakes?[/box]

*We will announce the lucky winners on Wednesday of next week (August 15th).  Entries must be posted by Tuesday August 14th at 10pm EST; one-line answers are great.  Winners will be chosen at random.

I can’t wait to hear your memories!  Turn your ovens to 350!

Much love.

Ever Onward,

Jennifer Esposito


### This giveaway is closed.  Thank you for your entries!
Here are The Lucky Winners


~ Jennifer

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    1. Melissa Ivie

      When my daughter was small she would stand on a dining chair, turned backwards for support, as she helped turn the pancakes for breakfast….well, not always for breakfast. Pancakes are good any time of the day. Mary Beth is fifteen now, and getting her to help cook is not as often an occurrence as it once was, but she still likes to flip the pancakes.

  1. Karen Mahoney

    The funniest memory I have while making pancakes was when I was about 14 and wanted to make them into crepe Suzettes. I convinced my mom to let me use some Grand Marnier to ignite the sauce for the crepes and I got so scared by the sudden burst of flames that I dropped the pan onto the floor and ignited our kitchen carpeting instead. Fortunately I was able to stamp out the flames before it got out of hand. That was the last time my mom allowed me to try to burn off alcohol when I was cooking! In my adult years, I have done this many times with nary a bad experience, but for a 14-year-old it was pretty crazy!

  2. Kari Stuart

    My favorite pancake memory is from my childhood. My parents are divorced, and when I was little I would get to spend the entire summer with my dad, which was awesome! But even more awesome was that that meant I would get pancakes. We’d wake up early on Saturdays and he would mix the batter and my job would be to add the blueberries (or chocolate chips on special occasions). Those mornings making pancakes were our time together, and I remember it every time I make pancakes now as an adult.

    1. Janet Miro-Vining

      My favorite memories of making pancakes are from when my children were little and I was a single parent. Since money was not in great supply and my children had allergies we “made cooking fun” at home. My children loved to make their own pancakes with me standing by the stove with them. At the end of breakfast we were all covered in pancake mix, milk, butter and syrup however I got lots of sticky hugs and kisses…nothing is better than that!

  3. AnnMarie

    My favorite memory is the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. When I was a child growing up in Queens, my family’s apartment was small and the smell would fill the entire house.

  4. Zandra

    My fave memory is of my nephew chowing down on gluten and dairy free cupcakes for his birthday. And by chowing down, I mean CHOWING down. Icing and cake on his face, shirt, hands, counter…what a mess! But… He finally got what he calls, his allergy free cupcakes. Really happy boy!

  5. Susan

    Making chocolate chip pancakes muffins with my daughters. We mixed up the pancake mix, added chocolate chips and put them in cupcake pans. We then popped them in the over to bake. They told me they were the best they had ever eaten!

  6. Michelle Miller

    As of late I’ve been changing my eating habits. Trying alternatives to a healthier way of eating. Noticed the things I’ve stopped eating has made me feel less lethargic and better. So I look forward to trying your products and thank you for making this website.

    1. Tonya Dunn

      Never thought of doing that for my kids. They are crazy about Mickey Mouse. We are saving to take the 4 of them to Disney this spring. Celebrating my husband adopting my 2 oldest. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea.

  7. Michelle Miller

    My fondest memory actually is every Sunday morning I would help my mom make pancakes either with chocolate chips or peaches. Now I carry on that tradition with my own daughter.

  8. Kathryn SierraWolf

    My favorite memory is when my Mom was baking Christmas holiday cookies. This is something she loved to do and all the assortments were delicious, made from recipes handed down over generations. She is no longer with us but we still recall them fondly every Christmas.

  9. Susu

    …And on the seventh day, the women rested. Sunday’s cooking duty fell to the men; dad and grandpa.
    Together on Sundays, dad cooked light, fluffy, golden brown and delicious pancakes while grandpa began the day-long process of Italian pasta supper…creating a waft through our home that led neighbors to believe that we ate our pancakes with tomato gravy in lieu of maple syrup.

  10. Laura R.

    My favorite memory of making pancakes is every Sunday morning with my husband. We have made it a tradition. Only now, it’s a GF tradition, which he has been so supportive of. I will make the batter and he cooks the pancakes. Mine do not come out as nice looking as his! It’s just having that time cooking together that makes it so special. I always look forward to Sundays.

  11. Dinah

    Saturday morning breakfasts with the family. I make the batter my hubby mans the griddle and we all sit down share about our week and fill up on pancakes. Our boys ages 7 and 9 easily out eat both my husband and I.

  12. Teri D

    My 14 yo daughter has been in charge of Pancake Saturday for over 5 years. We made her a special apron that says ‘Got Panckes?” When we visit Grandpa he wakes her up early just to make pancakes!

  13. Betty Puente

    My favorite memories which was not too too long ago was when my husband would say “Honey I want pancakes” and it would be 10:00 o’Clock at night and before going to bed I would make him pancakes everynight and he would ask me to join him. sometimes he would wake me up at midnight or at 2:00 in the morning and say “Honey let’s go get waffles or pancakes.” I enjoyed eating pancakes with him. :)

  14. Maham

    My favorite memory of baking pancakes is with my mom. When I was a little girl I always helped around in the kitchen, especially with mixing all the ingredients together. My mom would always let me crack the eggs into a bowl and then mix the batter. After she made the pancakes, I would always experiment with the different shapes of cookie cutters making characters and drawings out of my breakfast.

  15. Karol

    My favorite memory is my Mom making blueberry or blackberry pancakes (although Mom’s were more like crepes) with fresh blueberries and blackberries that we used to pick in the woods when we would go to upstate New York with the family every summer. Those were the best tasting pancakes in the world. There’s nothing quite like picking the berries in the morning and an hour later having delicious pancakes or crepes made with them.

  16. Gen

    I hope this competition is open to international readers! I’ve JUST been diagnosed as gluten intolerant and I miss pancakes already.

    My favourite pancake related memory would have to be when I was on a camp at age 8(ish) and we added food colouring to our batter, making crazy coloured and shaped pancakes! Lots of fun.

  17. Lia Calalesina

    My favorite ongoing baking memory is when my 2 year old son thinks baking is throwing the flour up in the air and watching it land all over our wooden floor boards…….really funny for him, and I’ve come to enjoy his happiness……depending on my mood!! xx

  18. Lia C

    My favourite ongoing memory of baking is when my 2 year old son Nico thinks it’s an invitation for him to throw flour up in the air and watch it land on our wooden floor boards laughing his head off….depending on my response, he then instructs me to let our labradoodle Stella come clean it all up!!! You gotta love em! xx

  19. kensi robinson

    my favourite baking memories are with my kids. we bake cup cakes with lots of toppings! im cleaning sprinkles up for days!!!! makes them so happy cos its so much fun and they get to make mess without getting told off!!! lol.

  20. Denise Schimschal

    My fav. was when oneday my son tried to help me making it and he dropped a full pound of flour . it took like forever till it hit the ground and spread in the whole kitchen. he stood there, stunned and kind of afraid of getting trouble. But he looked so cute that I just had to laugh like crazy ;) He looked at me and asked if he still gets pancakes today. His eyes were full of water because he loves them and was afraid of not getting any. He was 10 yrs back then. and we had to buy new flour to make the pancakes and went to the store and bought it covered in flour. This is so far my most precious life-long memory. sry for my bad english! Take care!

  21. karolina

    Pancakes were the first thing my mom taught me how to make from scratch and that I wasn’t afraid to cook when I was home by myself. She got me a griddle and I’d come home from high school and whip up a batch of pancakes (topped off w/powder sugar and syrup) as my afterschool snack.

  22. Theresa Holly

    I love making pancakes, even though I do not like eating them. :) I can get very messy in the kitchen, it is so exciting, like art and paint…anyway, so my mom would not let me help cook. One day I decided to surprise the family, maybe at about 9 years old, and quietly got up super early to start on a mission to make pancakes AND cleanup before they all woke up. I did it! But when I woke up (fell asleep on carpet), they were done eating and I started crying. Just funny and unforgettable. Gluten free is healing me! :)

  23. Sadie Anderson

    My favorite pancake memory takes me back to when I was a little girl. My dad used to make my sister & I pancakes every morning before school. Yes I said every morning! We loved pancakes! He made them in the shape of Micky Mouses head. I still make them like that :) and still love pancakes!

  24. Ny

    I tried making some chocolate chip cups on the bottom part of a muffin pan but i used to much cookie dough and they all stuck together and did not pop off the pan like it was supposed to.

  25. Colette S.

    I remember baking with my grandmother, and making pancakes with her on an old fashioned silver griddle pan. When she passed away, my mother took the griddle and also used it for pancakes. A couple years ago, she passed it on to me. There is something so special to me, that I can now use that same griddle to make pancakes with my daughter. When I see my young daughter trying to flip the pancakes, with a look of concentration on her face, it brings back memories of myself, with my grandma, doing the same thing. I can just picture being with her in her yellow kitchen, so long ago. It makes me feel like a part of her is still with me.

  26. Angela H

    My favorite and funniest baking memory is when my aunt and I were helping Grandma bake cookies and made a huge oops. The recipe called for 1C instant coffee…so we put in a cup of instant coffee crystals. Grandma started yelling that it was one cup liquid coffee. Oops. I still have the corrected recipe taped inside my kitchen cabinet.

  27. Donna Z

    My favorite baking memory was if I had late night cupcake cravings then I would start baking at 10 o’clock at night and enjoying my devil’s food cupcake with chocolate ganache by midnight. My coworkers are happy as well since they get cupcakes the following morning.

  28. Ginger

    Once I added oatmeal to our pancake batter to sneak in something a little “healthier”. And my daughter asked why they were different. I told her,”I just added a little love.”. She replied,”Momma, your love makes pancakes lumpy!”

  29. Jennifer I.

    We tried adding gummy bears, when the kids were little, as a fun treat. Seemed like a good idea until they melted and left gummy bear shaped craters in the pancakes. It freaked the kids out a little.

  30. Pamela Stickney

    My daughter was sick for a long time and we didn’t know at first what was wrong, and she wouldn’t eat pancakes and was afraid to eat them because they made her sick along with other gluten containing foods. My favorite memory is making gluten free chocolate chip pancakes with her ,for the first time, and getting her to enjoy panckes again, instead of her having a feeling of fear at the prospect of getting sick by eating them.

  31. Ally Neal

    When my parents were divorced, any time my sister and I were over at my mom’s house, I remember always baking Lemon Meringue Pie with her and my sister. After dinner, we’d all eat a slice (or two!) and then we’d have these massive pie fights in our kitchen… As the youngest, I always won ;)

    1. Ally Neal

      Whoops… I sent that comment above to the wrong person! Ha! I’m so cool… Anyway, my mom used to make pancakes every Sunday… She’d always make a special batch for my sister and I. Sometimes she’d put chocolate chips, or cinnamon, or a delicious “mystery” ingredient that if we guessed correctly, we could spend the day somewhere exciting :)

  32. John C. McDonnell

    My father died just over a week ago and I was thinking of him and remembered a favorite memory of him. Years ago, I took a girlfriend over to see him and he asked if she’d ever had Irish Soda Bread. Replying no, my Dad pulled out a bowl and from scratch, by hand, made his mother’s recipe from Ireland and baked it in an iron skillet. Measuring by hand (like Grandma) and chatting away, in just over an hour we had fresh homemade soda bread and a memory that will last forever. I still make my Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread by hand, from scratch and am now the only one left that knows the recipe. I love you, Pop.

  33. Tina

    When I was younger, before my Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she would bake homemade bread with us. My cousins and I thought we were so cool baking from scratch. We would put our little loaves of bread in little pot pie tins … so cute! It was a blast!

  34. Patty Gallagher

    My favorite memory is one I shared with my Mom. We baked cookies for the Holidays every year on December 4th, the day my grandmother passed away. It always made us feel closed to her and we loved to bake and eat and tell our favorite stories. It is a tradition we now share with my 6 year old daughter. This will be my first year making gluten free cookies!!


    whenever there is a birthday or a special celebration in our family, we make chocolate chip pancakes. The person who is celebrating is served breakfast in bed with fresh fruit, pancakes and lots of love.

  36. Lori Williams

    My favorite baking memory is one that I love to think about often. My grandmother would come over my house every Saturday. Why? To teach me how to bake! She would bring a new recipe from her little black book (these were her own recipes she came up with when she baked), and all the ingrediants we needed. Then we would spend the day baking, laughing, eating, talking, and just loving each others company. My grandmother has gone on to be with her Lord and Savior. I am so very thankful for the sweet memories she has given me, along with a love for baking!

  37. Tina Gardner

    One day while visiting my parents, my mom ask me to make cookies.
    I said sure, When i make my cookies i always use butter and my mom uses criso, so while making the cookies and thinking i use two sticks of butter i mush need two cups of criso. Then the cookies came out of the oven they were as flat as a pancake. We all had a good laugh.

  38. eilish

    My favorite memory of making pancakes is when my mother was teaching me how to cook. I was a little girl 7 or 8 when she would let us help in the kitchen, showing us the do’s & don’ts of the right recipes. As I got older & would ask my mom for her recipes of our favorite dishes, now that I am a grown woman she calls me for my recipes. And one day I will teach my children our family recipes the way they were taught to me. A little bit of this, a little bit of that & a whole lot of love.

  39. Sara

    My favorite memory us making “breakfast for dinner” with the kids, once every two weeks or so. No matter what, we always make pancakes! During the past few years, I started making Mickey mouse pancakes for my little guy with 2 chocolate chips for eyes. I’m a new gluten-free eater so I’d love to try the mix :))

  40. Melinda Herald

    Baking with my grandma is something I will forever cherish. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 10yrs ago and has forgotten how to cook, along with alot of other simple things. I remeber how she would let me pull up a chair, stir the batter of the best snickerdoodle cookies ever and then lick the bowl clean when we were done! Now that I look back that’s where we spent a lot of our time together. She was and still is the best grandma ever! <3

  41. dee m

    The first thing that popped into my mind, is … as a child my mom had a little electric toy stove, the top had pretend burners, but it would actually bake. As a child I used that little oven along side of mom. She canned fruit all summer and we always had a pie every week. She’d save some crust dough for me and fruit, and I’d make a little 4 inch pie to bake in my oven. My mom has passed now, but although she struggled with breast cancer/bone cancer for 6 years, she was always determined to try and have pie for dessert. One of my favorite desserts is to bake pies for my friends and family, especially moms favorites, apple and wild blackberry!

  42. Karen

    My favorite pancake memories are making them with my grandmother. She passed in 2005, but she made the best pancakes ever. They were thin and had the most perfect texture. She was a wonderful cook and a beautiful person. I miss her dearly, but am thankful to have memories and also recipes to carry on. The only problem being I have to eat gluten free now (didn’t know it back then) so I’ve had to modify many of her wonderful recipes. They are good, but of course not quite the same!!

  43. Maritza

    My favorite memory is when my daughter was 5 and I would make the pancakes Micky Mouse face or heart shape and decorated with slices of grapes for eyes and the end of the grape for a nose.She loved it and I got her to eat fruits. Which now she loves fruits. I would use different fruits on the pancakes using the fruits to make funny face. She would go to school happy. :)

  44. T.J.

    A pinch of cinnamon in the batter, each individual pancake in the stack buttered and a warm decanter of maple syrup waiting to be poured. Breakfast for dinner is a favorite in our home on a cold winter night.

  45. Courtney H

    My favourite memory of making pancakes was the first time I made them with my 4 year old daughter. She had no idea what a pancake was but helped just the same. They are now her favourite breakfast meal (especially with chocolate chips). I haven’t found a good GF version but look forward to trying your mix.

  46. Linda S

    My favorite pancake memory was my mother mixing up homemade buttermilk pancakes and making them in any shape you wanted. Mine was always Minnie Mouse. It was great she did this for her children and continued with her grandchildren. We all remember this so fondly, when we all get together we always include this in our memories of mom/grandma.

  47. Danica P.

    Making pancakes reminds me of special Sundays with my Grandpa. It was our “thing,” making pancakes on mornings I had spent the night. My Grandpa was my hero, and each time I make pancakes I remember him.

  48. Brenda W

    The only thing I got to help with in the kitchen as a kid – Chocolate chip cookies…hand mixing the wet and dry ingredients together and getting to squish it through my fingers was THE most fun :-)

  49. Kim Hoag

    My favorite memories in the kitchen would be all of the wonderful days I spent with my grandma while she taught me to bake my first cake and make lasagna the first time. Such special memories I still have today after all these years.

    My other favorite would be the 3 times I taught each of my children how to make pancakes from scratch with fresh blueberries we just bought at the farmers market!

  50. Tracy L

    My favorite memory is making pancakes with my grandmother at their farm. She would always make pancakes whenever we would visit and as an extra treat, add homemade canned corn or cooked pork.

  51. Donna Sellberg

    I put my cookbook on the stove top to look at it as I was making pancakes from scratch. I turned on the burner to heat up a pan. I thought that I had turned on the correct burner with the pan but it was the burner with the cookbook on it. My cookbook was smoking and when I pulled it off it had a wonderful branding of a burner on it. Soooo funny! This was one of my best memories and I still have this cookbook. If you want to see it I can email you a picture!

  52. Krista Lynn Hughes

    My funniest baking memory was when I tried baking GF bread for the first time. I mixed the ingredients like the recipe said. After the bread was through baking and had cooled off, I cut into the bread and it was hollow inside. Not sure what happened. My family got a good laugh at it!

  53. Diana Brandmeyer

    A few months before my husband died he would put our youngest son in a backpack. J. would peer over his dads’s shoulder while he mixed the ingredients.. My husband would help our okde son spoon the mix onto the grill.. It’s a precious memory.

  54. Sandra W

    My favorite and funniest memory of baking was the first two layer cake my best friend and I made. Let’s just say it was a little lopsided! However, the funniest story is when my sister try tried making her husband a birthday cake a few years ago. She thought to make a two layer cake it took 2 cake mixes. One per pan. Needless to say there was a mess to clean up!

  55. Becky

    My husband’s uncle lives in Texas (we live in Kentucky) and he only comes home a couple of times a year. We always try to make the most of the time he’s here and get togethed the extended family almost every day that he’s in town (most of the time for a week at a time). One time he was in (before I was diagnosed with CD) he made pancakes on the griddle with mini M&Ms in them! These suckers were HUGE! I haven’t had pancakes since being diagnosed and miss them. :-/

  56. Julie Beaulieu

    My huband never really cooked before but he’s making memories now for our 4 boys by baking pancakes for them every weekend or so. Love seeing memories being created!!!

  57. Kelly

    My fondest memory baking is with my mother and my grandmother. Every year 2 weeks prior to Christmas we would bake all of the christmas cookies. Now that my grandmother has passed away I really hold these memories close!

  58. Shelly Coffman

    My pancake memory is one of strengh and sorrow. Growing up, my mother would bake everything for my sister and me. One of my personal favorites was pancakes. my mother was a single mom who would make time to fix me pancakes in the morning before school.

    At the age of 49 my mom was dying ofbreast cancer. a horrible disease that plagues my family. i moved in with her and did my best to care for her in her last weeks. My mother was in a great deal of pain and took morphine which often made her think of lost times. each morning I would try to convince her to let me fix breakfastfor her and she would look at me and say “but you love my pancakes….”. Indeed I did. i cannot think of pancakes wihout thinking of my mom. all she wanted to do was make her daughters favorite breakfast for her. she would say; “afterall that is what mommas do….”.

    please forgive grammatical errors as my phone is not cooperating

  59. Mary

    I remember making gluten free pancakes for my son. He was diagnosed with celiac and wanted pancakes so bad. It was nice to see a smile on his face when I made him one of his favorite foods he had been missing!

  60. Harriet

    My funniest and most memorable pancake moment was when I was a kid learning to use the griddle with my mom and grandmother. I couldnt keep up with the batter, pancakes needing to be flipped and suddenly no one was around to help me. Batter all over me, the stove, the floor and pancakes all burned. They came back and asked what happened? They couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t stop crying. Love pancakes of all kinds. Just need EM to be GF now. Thanks for the contest. Lots of fun to tell stories about my loved ones who are no longer here and gave me such happy memories of childhood!

  61. Payal Patel

    Every Sunday as a kid was pancake funday! My mom dad sister and I would make the most bizzaire shapes and sit around the table with syrup bottles and tons of butter sharing our good/bad moments of the week. Memories that I will turn into a tradition the day I have a family!

  62. Staci

    I love to make pancakes from scratch. So I invited a friend over for breakfast and I noticed my pancakes were flat and not fluffing up as they were supposed to. So I got rid of that batch added more butter to the frying pan, added another batch of batter,and again they did not rise. Breakfast was terrible, and my friend never came for pancakes again!
    It turns out I forgot the baking powder, and it only took me a month to figure out what I did wrong.

  63. Cheryl Alassane

    When my 5 year old baked her own birthday mini cupcakes and added frosting to them, she had the best time . I bought her an apron, and mini cupcake pans for her birthday.

  64. Merissa

    Wearing a face mask to make pink pancakes for my daughter on her 4th birthday. They were not gluten free and I I wanted to make sure not to breath in the wheat flour. A few weeks later we got her celiac results back and she is now on the gluten free diet as well. Next year I can make her gluten free pink pancakes, mask free :)

  65. Suzy Achey

    My funniest memory (but yet it is my frustrating memory) is trying to make pie crust. I do not bake usually so my mother-in-law tried to teach me how to make a crust from scratch and then make apple pie. At her house, I was an expert chef. Made it from start to finish with her direction. So I thought, yeah! I can do this at home! Few weeks later, I have a hankering for pumpkin pie! It’s fall, what better way to engulf yourself in something than pumpkin pie. Well I break out the ingredients. I can do this I say to myself. I start. By the time an hour goes by, I have yet to make a pie crust that works and I have gone through a whole bag of flour! My husband, is a lovely man, but he likes to remind me of that faithful day that the pie crust won and I lost! To this day, pie crusts are my NEMESIS in the baking world!

  66. C

    My best memory is of this past Mother’s day when my 10 yr old son made me pancakes for breakfast. :) He was so proud of his gluten free breakfast and the fact that he did it all on his own. It was a proud moment for both of us :) He now makes them quite frequently among other things. He’s becoming a great gluten free chef.

  67. Mary Jayne

    I guess it was trying to make them gluten free for the first time & forgetting the eggs and also the gluten free flour. Had no clue that it was wrong, since this was all new to me. I mean the gluten free stuff & all so I could not eat them yuck! Bad!

  68. Lori Newton

    My son, who is now 17, loved pancakes when he was little. I am a pretty good cook & cook all the time & he enjoys my cooking, however, when it comes to pancakes, he thought that Dad’s pancakes were better than mine. Pancakes are the only thing my husband cooks. ha ha

  69. Lita Hall

    My Dad, when I was growing up, would make a few things for us in the kitchen. He was a big man and I remember thinking that it was cute how my big Dad could cook – let alone something so SWEET and FUN!
    Now my husband, who is the only one in our house to even make pancakes, has celiac disease, so we haven’t had pancakes since last year. He feels so much better but I’m ready for your great mixes. Enjoy your show, by the way!

  70. davi

    Making our parents breakfast in bed. We’d scramble up eggs, toast, cereal & bacon and try to make pancakes which were saltier than they were sweet and had everything but the kitchen sink in them – but our parents ALWAYS ate whatever we fixed and said it was delicious.

  71. Jennifer Yeager

    When my daughter was 3 years old she was baking cookies with my mom who let her get elbow deep in a bowl of flour. It was pure joy for her to experience the texture and to make a fun mess! It was pure joy for me to see my mom be carefree and create a lasting memory for us all. Plus the flour on their arms, noses and hair was hilarious!

  72. Amy McGovern

    My favorite pancake memory is when my daughter was about 5. She wanted me to flip the pancakes high in the air like they did in a movie we watched. So, I flipped a pancake high in the air and it landed – right on the floor. To this day I have never flipped another pancake in the air!

  73. Despina

    I grew up in a Greek family and both my parents were born and raised in Greece and when I was a kid I would go to the village that my parents grew up. The people there didn’t know what pancakes were. So we would pack all of the ingredient in our suitcases with maple syrup. When we got to the village the next day I would invite everyone I would run into for breakfast the next morning and I didn’t tell them what we were making. So the next morning we started making pancakes and before you know it we would have about 25 to 30 people over looking at the pancakes funny because they never had them before. So they were all smelling them and making faces as soon as they all tasted them they all had this huge smile on there faces and asking for more and they were running out of the house inviting more people to come in to taste pancakes for the first time. After that whenever I would visit they would always ask me if I was going to make pancakes for them.

  74. Inga

    I used to make pancakes for my kids on a special griddle that made pancakes in the shape of daisys. And then we were diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. I haven’t found a gf pancake mix yet that will do, but looking forward to dusting off the daisy griddle of this one!! = )

  75. Nathalie

    When it comes to pancakes, I learned my lesson to not follow a certain recipe in a very famous cookbook. I was 13 and thought my friend and I could make pancakes from scratch…after we were done, we sat down to eat and as we took a bite we realized that the pancakes were not that good. I can’t remember what ingredient we shouldn’t have added, but my dad came in to let us know that we added an extra ingredient. I learned my lesson and to this day, I just buy pancake mix just to be safe, but I’ll never live that mistake down.

  76. Shannon Cotter

    My 16 year old son tried to make pancakes with some of his friends. It was a comical disaster! The pancakes looked more like silly putty and were impossible to flip. He refused to give up so before we knew it there were slimey little pancakes everywhere! He hasn’t tried to make pancakes since.

  77. Shelley

    My best memories of making pancakes are when we moved to the family farm with the huge country kitchen. We started making pancakes every Saturday morning. My girls would ask for their pancakes shaped like their favorite animals. Now I am making pancakes with my grandchildren shaped like their favorite animals. What a delight. Cannot wait to try your pancake mix and hoping the grandbabies will love it too!!!!!!

  78. Lainey

    For fifty years, I have loved making happy faces out of chocolate chips on my pancakes, ….sometimes I even add pancake ears. When we were kids, and when my kids were little, we’d sometimes have FlapJack Fridays… and get to have pancakes for dinner. When I first found out I had Celiac disease, I really missed having pancakes. The first time I made gluten free pancakes, I covered them with chocolate chip happy faces and made pancake teddy bear ears! mmmmmm….mmmmm…good!!! Love FlapJack Fridays!! :)

  79. Bonnie

    Oh, that’s an easy one! About 14 years ago, before the GF product manufactures became sophisticated and also prior to my being diagnosed with Celiac, I attempted to bake a birthday cake for my younger cousin who had been diagnosed years ago and was completely GF.

    So, I set out to bake this cake just like I would have any other cake (non-GF) and about 15 minutes in to baking, the smoke alarm went off in my kitchen. The cake mix had oozed out all over the oven and was now on fire.

    Needless to say, no cake.

  80. Becky

    I have always loved pancakes! Next to french toast, they are my favorite breakfast food. As it turns out, they are my kids favorite too. I remember alwasy making pancakes with my mom when I was little (we were four girls, so we had to make quite a bit) and have done the same with my children. My kids are 7 and 9. My 7 year old was diagnosed with Celiac almost two years ago. We experimented together, buying and makind different brands of gluten free pancakes. So far, there is only one she likes, so I am always looking for new mixes that we can try.

  81. Tonya

    Making Mickey Mouse pancakes with my mom and using chocolate chips for the eyes nose and mouth. Yummy. And now doing the same with my kids. I was so upset when I found out I couldn’t have wheat. Pancakes are my favorite.

  82. Diane Black

    My favorite pancake memory is watching my husband making his homemade pancakes for breakfast on weekends for our three sons when they were growing up–it was a special thing he did just for them.

  83. Mary Abel

    My favorite memory about making pancakes is that for years I made them for my family and they liked them, but now I have a granddaughter who loves them and thinks no one makes them better than Grandma Mary! Blesses my heart!

  84. Jeanine Battalino

    The first time I made gluten free pancakes was with my granddaughter. We made them and as they cooked she put smiley faces on them with blueberries. Then when we ate them she told me they are so good.she then told me that she had to eat like Nonnie because she had the gluten thing like her nonnie. She was 4 at the time. To this day she still asks if she can share my food with her and her brother. They are 11 and 8.

  85. Jessica

    Sunday brunches were always so fun growing up! We would have an assortment of choices to make fun flavors of pancakes. My siblings and I got creative! So, I was VERY excited when my children were old enough to create their own favorites and recreate the Sunday morning tradition. For this first pancake breakfast, I went all out. Everything you could imagine was available to mix in with our pancakes. I showed them all the fixings and told them how much fun we could have with it. They looked at the options and said, “GROSS!” They wanted plain pancakes. With maple syrup. They would not even try the chocolate chip pancakes. LOL They were grossed out at the idea of whip cream on pancakes. To this day, they still love pancakes….only if they are plain with maple syrup.
    One of their favorite dinners is “breakfast for dinner,” but no creative pancakes. LOL (Thankfully, gluten free is a big hit…and have you ever cooked them in coconut oil? YUM!)

  86. Chandice Probst

    My favorite memory is after being given one morning a week to sleep in, waking up on Sundays to my sweet hubby already making gluten free pancakes, with our two little boys. We all then add our favorite things like chocolate chips, white chocolate chips (our favorite combination that makes a delicious black and white pancake) or fresh fruit. Since I am the only one who HAS to eat gluten free in my house I feel that is very generous of him to always make gluten free pancakes so we can enjoy as a family. :) Thanks Jennifer, your mix looks awesome!

  87. robyn

    my favorite memory is of my dad, always making them into funny shapes for us growing up. he always made breakfast and generally it was boring cereal or toast but pancakes (and german pancakes too) were a treat!

  88. Shanna Painter

    My favorite memory happened a few years ago. My husband had lost his job and grocery dollars were few . My son is BEYOND being a picky eater and I was starting to worry that without Mcdonalds in his life he may starve to death. One day with a cupboard that would make Mother hubbard look wealthy I yanked out an old cookbook and found a recipe for pancakes. I gave them to him sure they would go untouched because they did look pretty scary but, he ate it and asked for more. I was amazed it was like on those old commercials with Mickey he liked it he really liked it! I am sure to this day without pancakes and bananas my son would starve .

  89. Kim D.

    My favorite memory was making “mini” pancakes with my Dad with the the accidental & on purpose drips onto the frying pan. We also made extra thin, tiny silver dollar pancakes. These are best eaten rolled up with your favorite filling. I carried the tradition on with my kids, my daughter has Celiac & we have learned to make great GF silver dollar pancakes & crepes that the whole family enjoys….

  90. Teri

    Growing up, my Grandmother used to make my cousins and me pancakes every weekend. We were so tired of them that we used to throw them on top of the roof… one VERY rainy season, my Grandmother had to hire someone to clean out the gutters since they were completely blocked… blocked full of pancakes!!!! What I wouldn’t give to have her horrid pancakes again. She has been gone for 2 1/2 years now.

  91. Debi K.

    My favorite was when Mom told us she was going to teach us how to cook pancakes when my sister and I were 4 and 3 years old. Mom proceeded to line the kitchen floor with newspapers, put towels around us for aprons, placed us on stools and then gave instructions. They turned out great. The next time we asked to make pancakes Mom just put us on the stools, and I gently reminded her that the newspapers and towels were missing (I thought it was required to make pancakes). Mom just laughed and said we weren’t as messy as she thought we’d be… but I still insisted on an “apron.” I love pancakes to this day.

  92. Mary

    My most memoral experience was when us kids were making pancakes for my moms birthday and used 1 cup of salt instead of sugar. My mom didn’t want to disappoint us kids, so she eat them. We found out later, that we used salt instead.

  93. Holly Tookolo

    I remember helping my young daughter make Chocolate Chip Cookies for the first time. She had flour every where in the kitchen including on her face. Of course, we both had to sample the cookie dough. She even loves to get a box of fresh, homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, even now as she is an adult. These are fond memories for both of us.

  94. Leslie

    I don’t really have a funny moment w/making pancakes for I do not have the money to buy the ingredients.

    It takes so many different flours to make anything that right now I have to stick to pre-made gluten-free products (yuck!), but, I’m making do.

  95. Malone

    my favorite memory is waking up with my father and brother on saturday mornings, because my mom always slept in. Dad would make us these amazing pancakes. he would let us stand on a chair and stir the batter and even let us pour the batter onto the skillet. it was amazing. i now live in NH and give him local maple syrup every year.

  96. Robert McCarthy

    My favorite memory is about the times as child that we would travel from Pittsburgh, PA to Meyersdale PA for the Maple Festival. Pancakes til you were full and more pancakes just for the excuse to have more maple syrup.

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