Promoting celiac awareness…one media appearance at a time.

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On the Katie Couric Show

On Bethenny – Part 1

On Bethenny – Part 2

Promoting Celiac Awareness On Fox News

Creating Jennifer's Way Bakery

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My Bucket List TV Episode

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Dr. Drew Badgers Me - This is Ugly

My Battle with Celiac Disease

On the Today Show

My Life in Food

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  1. Kirstin

    Dr. Drew is so sensational and ridiculous. But I applaud you for going on his show and speaking about celiac disease. Even though he was disappointing you still got a lot of air time to help people understand celiac and you did a great job considering he was such a thoughtless and uniformed about so much that you were speaking about. I was very impressed that you carried on with the interview and you came across and smart, informed and gracious. Thanks for sharing what you have been through. I can’t wait to read your book.

  2. Carol

    Ohh we love you so much! You have helped this mommy very much!!!! My 12 year old daughter has been diagnosed for 4 years and even today I dropped her off at dance with tears in her eyes. Everyday is a challenge. Today she had pain in her legs, ankles and feet on top of her daily chronic abdominal pain. It is so nice to know there is someone out there that understands. I am so proud of my daughter for handling this invisible disease with such strength and courage and I am so proud of you too! Thank you for all that you do for the Celiacs and I can’t wait to read your book. I just ordered it!!

  3. leeanne

    Thank you Jennifer- for bringing light to this. My husband and I are very ‘sensative’ eaters- Our diets have changed- simplified greatly- towards raw natural food.
    Some facts we have seen in our experience of holistic healing that may help:
    research genetic ancestory- ( ie. Italian, Mexican, german etc.)and choose ingredients that harmonize with ancestory. Also–in the way of natural healing– Opem the flow of energy by releasing the blocks at spinal segments C1, T6, T8,9– Opening up the energy flow through the plexuses then to the digestive organs/associated functions– greatly assists in restoring/healing stomach, pancreas, interior lining of guts. A gentle hands on chiropractor (without the use of instruments- gentle hands on only is best), or gentle 20 min. shiatsu on spinal segments….God Bless and again thank you for shedding the light. All the best! from Canada

    1. Erna

      JaimeI think primal traets are a joke. I was just pointing out a small fallacy in your reasoning and the title you chose. The biggest problem with people using traets to transition into a primal lifestyle is that they don’t tend to give them up. I never had an issue with traets because I don’t think the primalized version of traets are very tasty. I’d rather have real mousse once a month than some sort of gross substitution just so I can feel ok about what I’m shoving in my pie-hole. I saw on another blog for Whole 30, or something similar, endless questions about condiments and processed foods that omitted certain things like soy, grains, legumes, etc, but were acceptable for the plan even though the plan clearly states you should NOT consume processed foods of any type. Again, I encounter the contradiction that processed foods aren’t allowed, but oils/fats that don’t come from meat are allowed. I just find the contradictions interesting. I think instead of stating no processed foods or no standard diet substitutes , the plans would more clearly convey their intent with the stipulation that some processed foods (see oils/fats) are allowable because they have great nutritional value and enhance results and satiety whereas the other things do not.

  4. Julie T

    Dr Drew really made you work for it! Boy did he act like a sensationalist needing ratings! PS I do not have this diagnosis, but I do have invisible disabilities and am in the process of being diagnosed for Ulcerative Colitis, which is similar, but not identical, and affects a different area of the insides. I have MANY other ailments. Two of which are depression and anxiety. I took a bit of offense when you said that your drs were calling you crazy for 20 yrs when they were suggesting mental illness. Mental illness is not being crazy. It is being ill.

    1. Bob

      Good point the more you know, the better. I had a cast iron pan that I had from bofere my diagnosis and loved loved loved it was perfectly seasoned, but I was still getting sick. I used to cook flour tortillas in it all the time. When I replaced the pan, I started feeling better immediately.

    2. Akomas

      Jesseka – I’ve been following your blog for awilhe(and your photography blog before this one ) and my 4 year old son has a lot of the issues with the asthma and allergies as your youngest two. Ignorant bliss is the perfect phrase it’s absolutely overwhelming to think about all the toxins our babies are exposed to and how to/what to change. I’ve already started making changes regarding our food(no more fast food, sugary cereals, etc.) and the eat clean diet for families was my last read(which was very helpful and insightful~ even has a how to eat clean on a budget chapter) but I would love to read Robyn’s book. I’ve also been following her blog and it’s an eye opener already!

  5. Linda Germanetti

    Dear Jennifer,
    I saw your interview with Arthel Neville this afternoon. You look so healthy and the segment was wonderful! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all you do to bring attention to Celiac Disease.

  6. beverly brady

    Shame, shame, shame on you Dr. Drew. You should at least invite Jennifer back and this time, TREAT HER WITH RESPECT and don’t talk to her as if it is her fault!!

    1. Charlie

      Hi Peggy, I really adirme you for being truly paleo. It was a long journey for you, and its quite a big commitment. I absolutely agree with what you say, but I’m not at that stage yet I suppose. For me, and for many, I think some innovations offer benefits and enable you to stay as paleo as you can; I ate a lot of nut-flour things during my transition I don’t any more, the idea of bread has just stopped appealing to me. However, I think that even though hunter-gatherers didn’t have blenders, throwing some avocados, coconut milk and coconut butter in a blender still makes for a meal with quite a primal nutrition profile? I don’t personally make smoothies, but I think its fine occasionally. Also, some processed’ food e.g. coconut butter still remains a whole food as long as its without additives, right? I think that sometimes its ok to take advantage of innovation. And its very true that everything is so food-centered. Gosh, when was the last time anyone starved? Do we really need those little sandwiches and sausage rolls they serve at presentations and whatnot? are those few seconds of tastebud pleasure (not that sweet glop qualifies as pleasure for me any more) worth it? Ironically, when I went primal, and stopped looking to food for kicks and having a gazillion snacks a day, I have come to enjoy food and cooking much, much more. I love my buttery eggs for breakfast and look forward to a great stew for dinner. I have learned to enjoy real food rather than stuff that’s being processed to be unnaturally, artificially palatable and addictive. No wonder people’s tastebuds are desensitized. Grok On, Peggy, you’re awesome!!!

  7. Melinda Foster

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your crusade to educate people about Celiac disease. I down-loaded a copy of your book to my Kindle and found it to be so interesting that I couldn’t stop until I had finished it.
    Then I went out and bought a hard back copy for my 15 year old granddaughter who was diagnosed last year with Celiac. This book is teaching her more about her illness than any doctor ever did.
    I’ve already made several of the recipes in the book and they are fantastic…my husband has had me make them over and over again. Now, I can’t wait until I can go to my local Kroger and pick up a bag of your cookies or bagels or a loaf of your bread. We’ll love you forever.

  8. Paula White

    Jennifer, Yesterday my best friend told me your story that she had seen on Fox news recently. I will be going to the bookstore tomorrow to purchase the book. After years and years of complaining to Dr.’s as you , I finally went back to a Dr and demanded an endoscopy and colonoscopy to find out what was wrong with me. When the results came back they thought I had celiac from the test results and then asked me to come in and take a blood test. I was 99% celiac. I had gotten to the point of my hair is very thin and has been falling out, my eyes have sunk back in my head. I could not get out of the bed on the weekends. It was all I could do to go to work everyday. At times feeling like I was going to pass out. It was from being malnourished. I developed skin rashes and headaches. Could hardly go shopping for being so tired. For years if I went to movies and out to eat with friends, I had to eat last so I could go home right away. But this year, was terrible, I could not eat my lunch at work without being sick in the bathroom for the rest of the day. The stomach cramps were unbelievable. There were times that I thought my boss doesn’t believe when I have to go home that I am so sick. I have started the gf diet and still managing to try to find things that taste decent. I though, Only buy one item of a product at a time because I have found that I am going back to the store to return items that taste terrible. I have yet to find a biscuit mix that is tolerable. I look forward to your book and your online bakery items. I go to my first celiac meeting in Baton Rouge this week. Good luck to you and look forward to hearing from you.

  9. James Koch

    jennifer- do not follow closely enough to know if you posted about your return to TV but very pleasantly surprised to see Taxi Brooklyn and you in it. Terrific. Way to go!!!!
    Seems like a good show.

  10. Dan Bahr

    Fortunately, I am not a celiac. I have been recently diagnosed a diabetic. One of my problems, in addition to diet and exercise is ……..stress. I believe with all your medical problems, career problems, medical research, new career, bakery, you must have experienced great moments of stress. If you can reduce stress levels, it may help to
    promote more healing then you may currently enjoy. Every once in awhile, take one step back
    pour yourself a glass or cup of whatever beverage you enjoy and quote from “Gone With The Wind”…..tomorrow’s another day, Charlotte (Jen), and think about todays accomplishments.

  11. Stacey Tryban

    Hi Jennifer,
    My son and I love your recipes , and will buy your food soon. I have a picky eater and I just used to pull my hair out on what to give him, and now I give him gluten free things. I used to give him regular flour, and now give him gluten free things and his stomach aches are gone. I love your website! Are you going to have any cookbooks out in the future?
    Love, Stacey.

  12. Wendy

    I found your interview with Dr Drew here:

    I was shocked by his behavior towards you. He was so clearly trying to intimidate you and dismiss what you said, until later in the interview. You were amazing, Jennifer. He totally failed to defeat you — he just ended up looking really bad.

    I so miss you on Blue Bloods btw. You were so brilliant and funny in that show. It really lost something when you left. Wish you could be back on it.

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