Yes my products are here and they are awesome!!!!!  And yes the shipping price stinks!  If I could ship it for free I would, unfortunately that’s not the case.  We have done our very best to get the lowest prices possible and we are hoping still, to get even lower prices in the near future.  If you can swing the price of shipping I advise you to order more than one bag so its more cost efficient for you.  You also will have enough mix for when you run out of from baking up all your favorite treats.

A few things I also want to make clear about the products and ordering:

We can not ship outside the US at this time.  I’m hopeful it will be soon though.

GMO free?  With all the lying about which products have GMOs and which don’t, I do not feel comfortable saying that these products are 100% GMO free.  I absolutely set out for that to be the case, as I feel GMOs are a main reason for much of these “new” diseases.  However as always I will NOT ever say or stand behind anything that isn’t 100% under my control.  Going forward I am going to do everything possible to ensure that no GMOs are ever used in anything I make.

Lastly the server is secure so all personal info is safe when processing your orders.

Any other info needed don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Every piece of this blog, products and the celiac campaign are funded completely by ME. Straight from my pocket. Every penny of the profits from these products is going back into the the cause for education, awareness and bringing us better choices in food.  As I’ve said in the past I’m opening a SAFE Haven in the form of a bakery/info-spot for celiacs in NYC as well. That dream is almost fulfilled, again funded all by me (and my lovely boyfriend).  Know that the money from these products are not buying me a new pair of Manolos or a vacation on the beach, but awareness, education, better quality products and hopefully some change to the way celiac disease is viewed. I thank you you in advance for healing me in this journey. It might be a long one but every step makes a difference. The number of emails and twitter messages I get from people who have gotten help in many ways through this blog have been heart warming and invigorating.


Much Love & Be Well,

Jennifer Esposito


~ Jennifer

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  1. Lindsay

    Thank you Jenifer, I might not have an official diagnoses yet , I know that gluten is not good for my insides and outsides too. All help is very much appropriated, thank you very much :). and keep up the good work .

  2. sophieglutenfreefrenchie

    Hi Jennifer im so glad!!your products are dairy free too?Do you delivery France?Thank you so much i hope to seen you soon in Paris to eat fabulous gluten free cakes so yummy!!!

    1. Jennifer

      No marketing plan here, just a fed up lady with celiac, the most misunderstood disease. I’m determined to make life better for us all!!

      Thanks for the support
      Us celiacs need to stick together to make change

      Be Well

      1. amanda

        I am at a US Embassy in a foreign country. I see you don’t deliver to DPOs or APOs yet. I am trying to order your products and have them sent to family in VA who will then repackage and send to my DPO address. I am unable to do this as my billing address is a DPO and there is no option to make the State AA (armed forces americas). Would it be possible to add this type of address to at least the billing section if not the shipping section too? Basically your shipping costs are to D.C. and the government pays to have it shipped from there to me. Thanks for the consideration. I am excited to try them!

        1. Leqeb

          Sorry to disappoint eyvneore, but this beer is one of the worst GF beers I’ve had (and I’ve had every one you can find). Horrible aftertaste, but what makes it even worse is that it costs $13.49 for four 12 ounce beers which makes it by far the most expensive GF beer out there (with the exception of Green’s, which is probably the best one available). Luckily, I live in Ft Collins CO and a local brewery, Pateros Creek, makes the best GF beer I’ve had, and it’s on tap Duncan’s Ridge- a dark ale with hints of chocolate and coffee. I keep telling them they should can it- it would be worth $13.49 a four pack! If you are ever in the Ft Collins area, check them out. The also make a GF cream ale called Greyrock which is excellent!

    2. Tomi

      Old, And Not Quite As Fat, GuyYep, agree with you with one caveat: I utiizle smoothies with a base of red kale and coconut milk. I usually add egg yolks, and other veggies if I have them. I figure the beating the veggies receive from the blender frees up a few more nutrients normally inaccessible due to the general incompatibility of cellulose products and our digestive system.But all those coconut flour products or chocolate products? Feh, not for me. As a former foodie I appreciate an interesting and colorful menu but such foods strike me as just more processed food. Granted our ancestors may have dried and (hand-) ground coconut meat to make flour but it wouldn’t have been adulterated with the ingredients used today. If it is not, in order of importance, fat, protein, and vegetable, I don’t touch it. If someone desires a coconut-flour food, fine, no skin off my nose but the proliferation of such items is branching too far from the paleo framework. A side note: arguing against modern tools, such as a blender, is a bit specious. I am a minimalist jogger; I wear thin-soled, VERY flexible, almost elastic, shoes with a wide toe-box, no arch support, and no thick heel. I catch flack from a couple of die-hard barefoot runners arguing that shoes are not natural and so should not be worn, even in the winter. My counter-argument is our ancestors were not stupid. When they moved from Africa to colder climes, they would have started wrapping their feet in animal skins or something. (Archeological digs support me.) Hell, even the now-famous Tarahumara wear tires strapped to their feet and our Native American brethren’s footwear is known world-wide.My point here is that not all inventions in the last few hundred years are bad. We know cooking some foods free up nutrients and cooking with electric stoves and iron skillets is more convenient than a camp fire and a skewer made from a tree branch. A day without coffee is a day without sunshine. Shoes allowing one’s feet to flex naturally is a good thing and more comfortable. Using a modern tool such as a blender to pre-chew, if you will, a mostly-cellulose vegetable must surely be a helpful addition to chewing one’s cud.

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  4. Pamela Lowery

    Hey Jennifer! I ordered your flour mix & am going to use it to make your blueberry walnut scones. Your recipe calls for 1/2 cup each – Tapioca starch/Brown Rice Flour/Coconut flour – so can i just use 2 cups of your mix instead or do I need to use 1 1/2 cups & still do 1/2 cup of tapioca starch. Wasn’t sure how much tapioca starch was in your mix.



  5. Beth

    Hi Jennifer! I was so excited when reading about your mixes then I saw they contained almond flour, do you have a mix that is gluten free, nut free, dairy free, soy free, egg free? Or know of one? I am a home daycare provider to a group of wonderful kiddos who have a variety of food allergies, as does my son and myself, and am trying to make as much as possible the same across the board, safe for everyone, nutritious and healthy but am starting to feel as though I may lose my mind!

  6. Val Walsh

    I’m sending this for your information; it’s a copy of the letter I just sent to CBS through the network’s web site:

    I really like Blue Bloods, but I will no longer watch it due to the way Jennifer Esposito has been treated. I will encourage my friends to drop BB; just like CBS dropped Esposito. If she can’t work as many hours as BB wants, how is writing Jackie’s character out of the show a solution? Wouldn’t a smaller role be better than no Curatola at all? Why not come into the 21th century and write in Celiac Disease as part of this character? As someone who can’t eat wheat, I would relate and APPRECIATE this. CBS would earn back some respect after the shameful way it has treated  Esposito. Does someone have to have a visible handicap to rate some sympathy with CBS? If one of your stars got in a car accident, or broke a let skiing, I bet you would treat that person better than Jennifer Esposito has been treated. If she collapsed on set due to drugs or alcohol use, she likely would’ve been whisked into rehab, and still collected her paycheck…

    1. Annette

      Well said Val!!! I think I will join in on that and send a letter too! I can really relate as I can’t have any “grains”. Its a debilitating condition! Thanks for speaking out! The general public needs to learn as there are many people that are “sick” out there and can’t figure out what’s wrong. Doctors need more education in this area!

      I was genetically tested and found out I was born with this and never knew it til later in life when I developed serious problems!

  7. Chris

    With reference to your all-purpose baking flour, do you have quantities available up to 40 bags if I were to make a one-time purchase? I know you do not ship to Canada yet, but that is no problem for me. I can have it shipped to a UPS location in the States, and then that specific UPS store can ship it up to Canada for me. My sister is very health-conscious and caters baking goods and other recipes to all her clients during seasonal holidays. It would be excellent if I could place an order for 40 bags of the all-purpose baking flour soon so that by the time it arrives up here it will give my sister ample time to prepare for her catering during the upcoming holiday season. I also wish to give a few bags of the all-purpose flour to my friends, as well as make my own pasta with it. I do not have celiac disease, but I certainly was in a great amount of pain due to inflammation due to blood glucose levels (high fructose corn syrup, corn starches, etc). Ever since I eliminated those harmful ingredients from my lifestyle, my health improved by leaps and bounds. No, it did not occur overnight, but after 8 months I feel excellent. I can now run up and down the stairs in my house without the excruciating pain in my knees and hips. The inflammation in my legs has reduced immensely. I feel like a man in his mid-thirties again! These purposely disguised processed and refined starches, chemicals and sugars in our everyday, common-market shelf foods can easily reduce the strongest of men to nothing. Health effects every entity of one’s life, and it is so vital to each an every one of those entities. Please let me know if you can accommodate a one-time quantity purchase of 40 bags of the all-purpose flour. If not, please let me know the quantity that is available. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Gabriela

      that no alcohol that is made from gletun containing grains can be labeled as Gluten Free. For beer drinkers, that means that no beer that is made from wheat and degletunized can be labeled as gletun free. Brunehaut uses organic wheat to make their beer and then degletunizes to <5ppm. For a Celiac, I don't recommend this kind of gletun free beer but if you are just gletun intolerant, then this is an excellent beer. For Celiacs, 1ppm is 1 too many in my opinion and we know that the body will react to this level of gletun. That may not be the case with a gletun intolerant person. You will have to judge based on your sensitivity level but don't be fooled by thinking that just because you don't feel bad, it is not affecting your small intestine, it very well could be!Always proceed with caution when you are required to eat and drink gletun free! Personal research is your best friend and safety net.Brunehaut has not changed they way they process their beer at all. It is only the TTB rule that has required them to remove gletun free from their label. Hope that helps.

    2. Sidnei

      One more comment about Brunehaut after two of them tiotne. For a reason that is unknown to me, there is absolutely no visible reference on the label that it is gluten-free. No subtle GF, or anything that I could see that indicated gluten free. There is a strange sentence on the label about eco-friendly but nothing about GF. So I I attempted to confirm GF with the waiter, who studied the label like I did, and then went to confirm with another bartender. I even went to the Brunehaut website while sitting at the bar and GF was not visible or promoted there either (I couldnt find anything)! I’d love to know why they would keep this fact seemingly secret on their bottle label and website. Anybody?!?

  8. wildninja

    Jennifer, I just heard about what CBS has done and as wrong as it is, it doesn’t surprise me. When I’ve asked for accommodations per the ADA as this life-limiting condition can most defintely be a disability, I’ve been met with discrimination and resistance at times. It’s also been used as an excuse to harass me, and that played into why I left my civilian law enforcement job. This has just fueled my passion for advocacy.

    My celiac went undiagnosed for almost 28 years and it took another four years for the rest of my food allergies and thyroid issue to be diagnosed. Both of my grandmothers have celiac; one almost died from complications before she diagnosed herself and the other just found out recently.

    You seem very committed to a gluten-free diet but it sounds like you still have serious symptoms. It’s not my business what else you’ve been tested for, but I’m hoping you’ve had a full ELISA food allergy panel test as many celiacs have other allergies as well, like dairy. I’m an example of leaky gut syndrome– it took so long for my celiac to be diganosed that malabsorption allowed other food proteins to get where they shouldn’t go, meaning my immune system attacked those too. Most celiacs I know have other food allergies as well.

    I also hope you have a good naturopath who is checking your thyroid function. Some of your symptoms sound very thyroid-related; Hashimoto’s thyroid seems to be common in celiacs. If you get diagnosed as such, don’t let them put you on a synthetic thyroid supplement, get the real thing.

    Hormones… adrenals… autoimmune hepatitis… there are so many things that need to be checked in people with autoimmune disease because often several bodily systems go awry, not just one.

    For what it’s worth, when I was on the board of the Gluten Intolerance Group, I published this rather restrained article in that group’s magazine: I’m sure you can relate! There’s some other gluten-free info. on my blog in the Diet and Health category as well including info. on LDN (doesn’t work for me; does for some people).

    I know Dr. Steve Wangen personally– he’s our food allergy expert in the Seattle area. His website is and it has very useful info. about the ELISA food allergy testing among other topics. He knows his stuff– he’s one of us.

    You might visit the Stop the Thyroid Madness website to see if you can relate to what’s discussed there,

    I’m probably preaching to the choir but wanted to throw some resources out there as a woman of your generation who’s been through it too. Sometimes we ask why such crappy things happen but we’re often meant to use them to help others in similar situations and it looks like you’re doing that. Keep up the good work!

    1. Jennifer

      I so appreciate your concern, support and suggestions. I have been many of the roads you have spoke of. I do deal with leaky gut and my diet is primarily grain free. The grains I do eat are in a rotation diet that I find does help. I will absolutely investigate the suggestions you gave. Always looking to learn more about living healthily with this disease. As you know going undiagnosed for so long causes many problems. Hoping here with all the info we can start to change that for some in the future.

      Much thanks

      Be Well

      1. Cindy Shrout

        I watched you on the Fox files, Sunday Nov 18th, 2012.
        It is so validating to see/hear someone explain leaky gut! 16 years ago I had never heard of it. I am self taught, “through the fire education” is what I called it. I was in tears hearing you tell your story! My eldest daughter heard it too, she had been sick 18 years and now, finally she is healthier…..
        I have done a rotation diet for 15 years and sometimes I cheat, but the got is so high! Thank you for you time. I wish you health and happiness!

        Since I’m allergic to egg also, I use the 2 Tablespoons flax meal and 3 Tablespoons water substitution for each

  9. Wolfman

    Hi Jennifer,

    I saw the story on Fox News this evening about Celiac disease and first and foremost, I tip my hat to you for your courage in standing up to CBS. What a horrible thing to have happen to your career; not to mention the agony you and millions of others have endured!

    I have an idea to help raise awareness…please contact me.

  10. Elissa

    Jennifer you are such an inspiration to the celiac community. I watched your story on Fox Files and taped in for my 10 yr old celiac daughter so she can watch it. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac when she was 2 yrs old. The disease almost took her life before her 2nd birthday. She suffered a setback last year and spent all winter in the hospital. Like you, she was so sick and was hospitalized 5 times spending weeks at a time in the hospital. And like you, her dr couldnt figure out what was wrong and sent her to psychologist. I knew something was wrong because she couldn’t stop vomiting, had horrible stomach pains, mouth sores, joint pains etc. I contacted Dr. Fasano at the U of Md and he had her transferred to his hospital to help her. My daughter was dying. Dr. Fasano saved her life. He put her on a fresh food diet (no processed foods) and a ton of medication including steroids. She was finally able to stay out of the hospital and be home schooled for the rest of the school year.
    Its been a long battle- but we finally got a diagnosis for her. She was recently diagnosed with a rare form of celiac disease called Refractory celiac. She is the 2nd child in the United Statesto have this . She has a long battle ahead of her and she is a research study.
    You would never know all the suffering my daughter has gone through because of that smile on her face. Last year at sickest time, she looked at her dr and said ” I will get better becaause I want to dance again on stage”. She fought so hard- and she reached her goal of dancing again. She blogged about her story on the in the kids section. She wanted to share her story because she doesnt want anyone else to suffer the way she has. She is an extraordinary brave child who still has a fight ahead of her. Your story on Fox Files- showed her she is not alone that there are others like her who can related to how she feels. I thank you for that. And hope that you keep sharing your story- so that we can educate the world about celiac disease.

    1. Jennifer

      She is not alone at all. There are so many like her and myself who deal with this crummy disease. Maybe one day we can meet over a healthy gluten dairy refined sugar free muffin at my soon to open Bakery/Space of Hope. Until then i wish her all the best health possible. Please keep me posted on how she is doing.

      Be Well

    2. Afsal

      Hi Ariel and Matt- The pictures are aesowme! I can’t wait to see the rest! Jenn and Josh deserve all the happiness in the world. I know that my husband’s spirit was shining down on them, loving them. Thanks so much. Susan Gagnon, Jenn’s Mom

    3. Lauro

      Life is fun. Food is fun. I celebrate both. And food is helanig and health and all that good stuff too. I listen to my body to find out which foods work for me and which cause problems so I can avoid those. That led me to what I call a paleo diet: non-starchy veggies, grass-fed meat/wild fish, eggs, fruit (no juice), coconut, nuts (I try not to go overboard w/nuts but I am a recovering vegetarian), occasional dairy. I create desserts from healthy whole foods, and yes I use chocolate in those desserts (unsweetened, I don’t do processed sugar or loads of honey for that matter). Maybe I eat too many vegetables or fruits for it to really be called paleo, perhaps I should simply call it a whole foods diet. But then again, I was never much for following strict definitions, I used to call myself a vegetarian and even a vegan, though I ate fish/seafood quite regularly. And yes, I am aware of exactly what it means to be a vegan. Maybe I should just eat what my body tells me to and not worry about giving my diet a label.

  11. Sharon

    Hi Jennifer: I am glad that you have found your way finally. My husband began a celiac diet years ago. He did feel better but it was difficult to maintain it. He did get away from it. Most recently, he has started a diet akin to his blood type “O”. It’s even more restrictive than celiac. Have you found recipes that do not contain coconut, potato, and that are also gluten free?
    Would most appreciate anything you can offer.
    Wishing you good health and miss you on Blue Bloods, Sharon

  12. Michelle

    Blue Bloods was removed from my DVR recording schedule the second I learned of JE’s removal and the reason for it. I am still lost looking into my own health issues and CBS’s behavior just frustrates me considering all the hoops I have jumped through for the past 8 long years. Valuable resources are lost when compassion is thrown away under the guise of valuations that are nothing more than self-serving biases. JE was important to BB because not only can she act but she brought a true representation of NY.

  13. Donn Walklet


    Is there a list on the web (or otherwise) of the medical tests that determine the foods which cause the Celiac disease-like symptoms? I noticed on the Fox news segment recently that your doctor was reviewing results from such tests.

    Thank you for sharing your ordeal.

  14. sandra fruechting

    I saw your story on fox and so related to all
    that you went through.I even boycotted
    Blue Bloods for a while…
    I look forward to your page and learning from you!

  15. Robin

    Hi Jennifer, first time in your store today and I want to thank you for providing such a great resource. I was wondering when you will have your all purpose flower back in stock? I also wanted to ask you if you have a favorite gluten free cookbook that you could recommend?

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