Hey Folks exciting news, Jennifer’s Way pancakes made it on a brunch menu in NJ! Not just any brunch menu either, it’s the #1 voted BEST BRUNCH of BERGEN COUNTY! The restaurant is a sweet and cozy place called, Harvest, 252 Schralenburgh Road, Closter, NJ 07624. I was brought there by a friend about 2 weeks ago for dinner and had a wonderful and SAFE meal. The chef, Denis Whitton, deals with Crohns disease for years so he understands what exactly gluten is and how it can affect someone if there is cross contamination. We spoke briefly about HEALTHY gluten free eating and how I would love his opinion about my products. Denis called me a few days later to say that he liked my Pancake Mix BETTER than regular pancakes, they were lighter and cooks up with a better crisp to them. AWESOME!!!! I know I LOVE them but its wonderful to hear from others that they do as well. So take a little ride, see the amazing colors of the leaves changing and go grab some Gluten Free Pancakes at Harvest. Sounds like a perfect fall Sunday to me!!

Be Well,

Jennifer Esposito

~ Jennifer

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  1. Lynn

    I follow you on twitter and could think of no other way to write something lengthy. I lost my job because of my allergies, I was suppose to move when we got BRAC’d and my allergist wrote a letter to a BIG corporation advicing that ti would make matters worse for me if I moved to that area. BTW Lynn is not my real name, for they have started to retailiate for my filing an EEO complaint against them. Which you should do as well, I would propably be working now if I could afford the lawyer but since I am unemployed, no. They can take up to three years to decide my case.

    Everyoen I know said that their response is wrong becuase my entire job consisted of helping people over the phone, I didn’t have to move I could have worked remotely which they are allowing others to do. But I believe that others may see allergiees and celiac and something that is managed by food or over the counter medicines they don’t understand the true nature of what the illness can do to a body. Since I have been unemployed ZI literally have not had to go to doc, for it seems I was also in a sick building, I have tons of enviromental allergies. (There is more to the story but I really shortened it)

    I know I may never see a resolution because I can’t afford the lawyer, but please consider the ADA and EEO for what you are going through!

  2. Darlene Corein

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 6 years ago. I became symptomatic way before that, ( around 1997 — ) but I may have been ASYMPTOMATIC all my life ? Imagine reaching 50
    & just being diagnosed. from 98 till 2007 I pretty much went through the same maze of misdiagnosis as you , Jennifer– You are just depressed , you have IBS ( take Metamusil ) , you have Acid Reflux ( take Nexium ) etc. (Our Doctors are trained to treat SYMPTOMS ! )
    Since then, although I have maintained a gluten-free diet. & although the overwhelming feeling of illness I experienced pre-diagnosis is gone, I still feel exhausted every day . Last April I awas diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, which is now being LINKED to CELIAC DISEASE !
    Something that most doctors or Celiac Researchers are not aware of . The work of Norman Borlaug and his bioengineering of the wheat in the 1940′s. I fully believe there is a direct link between his bio -engineering of wheat and the high numbers of celiac disease ” cropping” up since the 1950′s. I believe Celiac disease existed before the bioengineering of wheat, but it was a rare occurrence. The work of Borlaug concentrated the gluten in the grain of the wheat plants so that those who came from certain genetic lines (mostly Europe where wheat was not grown as a staple thousands of years ago) were suddenly barraged with a Super-Gluten never known before . Instead of being called “the man who saved a billion lives” his title should be renamed “the man that cursed humanity”. I think anyone who has suffered the effects of celiac disease would agree with me.
    I fear that he started a trend towards bioengineering nature’s crops that might kill many more in the future in different ways. more links must be drawn to Borlaug and celiac disease by more doctors and scientists so that this trend will be halted.
    In addition to the side effect of the gluten becoming concentrated in the bioengineered wheat, any bio engineered food crop has become a major issue for us today. I am convinced all of the food allergies we are seeing so rampant today are due to bioengineering our food supply. Soy , corn – peanuts , you name it .
    When a plant we humans grow for food is bioengineered , computers take DNA matches that would normally take 1000′s of years of evolution to get to that point. So our food is now on a different timeline than our digestive systems — the plant has evolved BUT our bodies have NOT. The result is our stomachs cannot recognize the bioengineered ( evolved ) plant — and some of our systems react as if it is an allergen , or in a Celiac , a poison.
    We in the U.S. need to start protesting this trend in farming — they are way ahead of us in Europe at least in this — they will not accept shipments of any bioengineered SOY from the U.S.
    Right now it is believed one in 133 Americans have Celiac Disease. I believe that is a very low estimate. In addition to that however , there are a whopping 15% of Americans who are Gluten SENSITIVE.
    The new gluten really isn’t good for millions of us, Celiac or not.

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