Finally, finally, finally!  The Jennifer’s Way Old Fashioned Pancake Mix and the All Purpose Flour is here and ready to go. I apologize for the delay, but you can’t even imagine how hard it was to figure this all out to get to you. The mixes are simple though. I made the all purpose flour mix cup for cup. That means you don’t have to do anything with that xanthan gum that I know you’re all afraid of. You don’t have to try and find it either. You also don’t have to go and search for all these different flours.  Just get my all purpose flour, open up the bag and start baking.   And what’s wonderful – you can get grandma’s old recipe for whatever cookie or muffin you thought you had lost forever and substitute my mix cup for cup in place of any wheat flour in grandma’s old recipe. There’s also a recipe for a muffin on the back of the package that I know you will love. So, get one today and start to enjoy your food again. Know that this is not any other gluten free mix. This gluten free mix was made by a celiac with the intent to give you nutrients, fiber, and protein all rolled up in a yummy package. It’s not loaded with sugar and starches, and it’s actually healthy for you. So enjoy, bake, eat up and have fun!

The old fashioned pancake mix is yummy, yummy, YUMMY! I have gotten so many great responses from people that have tried the pancake mix. You can make them on their own, you can make them vegan, you can make them into waffles, you can make them thin like crepes, you can put bananas in them, strawberries in them, chocolate chips in them, pumpkin in them – anything your heart desires! They are fantastic, simple and easy – so you can have those memories of yesterday and eat with peace today, knowing that they are not only gluten free but they are nutritious good for you. That is what Jennifer’s Way products strive to be and will always be. You’re not only getting a gluten free product, but you’re getting a product that is also filled with nutrients, vitamins and protein.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after sampling the product, and please note that there are only a limited amount to be shipped at this time.  Click here to purchase!  Much Love.

Be Well,

Jennifer Esposito

~ Jennifer

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  1. Karen Mahoney

    I am so happy to see the products are available, but the shipping is so high that I can’t afford to place an order. Is there anyway you can ship flat rate usps to save us some $$? Also, I wasn’t able to see what size the packages were–can you post that information someplace?

  2. Suzanne

    Hi Jennifer,
    These sound wonderful. Does the all purpose flour contain rice flour? I have noticed a sensitivity to the rice flour.

    I would love to try them all,
    Thank you,

    1. Jennifer

      Hi Suzanne

      The contain brown rice flour. Don’t know if its white or brown rice that bothers you but if you can have brown than the mixes are awesomE! I am working on an all purpose flour made of Quinoa and some other ingredients without RICE. Will keep you posted!!!

      Be Well

  3. Amanda

    Hi Jennifer! I REALLY want to order your flour, but I’m a bit sad that it keeps telling me shipping is unavailable to my zip code (in Louisville, KY) :( I’ll check again later I guess, because I am so excited about your products! I love what you’re doing here!

    1. Jennifer

      YES! Products in a store called GfreeNYC on 85th and columbus! Every Sat I deliver fresh baked brad and my famous choc chip cookies all baked with care by me!!!
      HOpe you can grab some OR maybe my bakery spot will be open by then!! workin on it!

      Be Well

  4. Michele Lawford

    Just got 2 bags of your all purpose flour and can’t wait to try it. Can it be used in place of the other flours in your recipes? Looking forward to making some of your recipes.
    Thank you for all your research and efforts!!!

  5. Krista

    I just wanted to make sure that either the flour and pancake mix are tested to be gluten free or confirmed somehow? Very nervous about getting cross contaminated. Christmas season is coming up and would love to be able to try and make cookies.

    1. Jennifer

      I totally understand your concern, i too am a EXTREMELY sensitive celiac. That is why I’ve created these products, to be safe. I have taken every possible precaution in the manufacturing of these products. I wish I could package them all in my very own safe kitchen but I can not. We have sent many of these mixes to many serious celiacs without any problems. As always if you do decide to use my products any problem please let me know asap. Your safety and mine is my major concern

      Be well

  6. Sandra

    Hi Jennifer: Just wanted to say I will look forward to the day I can purchase the flour/pancake mixes. I am in Canada so I await patiently!

    Also just want to say I miss you dearly on BlueBloods! You will always be an integral part of that show whether the powers that be know it or not!

    Always y our fan….

  7. Karen Nolte

    Hi Jennifer. This is Karen from mulberry Circle, SI! I just came across your site. I am undergoing tests right now; they are ruling out celiac disease and many others. Read your story about the tests that you went through and it all sounded sooo familiar. I had 3 MRIs to rule out MS, multiple lymes tests (had to take lyme antibiotic for a month. They suggested that I get my house tested for mold. I’ve been pulled in the wrong direction so many times. Just want to say that I think that what you are doing is wonderful. I hope that you are felling well; you look beautiful, as always!!!

  8. Linda

    Jennifer, are you thinking of putting a cookbook together? After watching the segment with you on Fox Files this past weekend I do believe I have Celiac. I now have to ask my doctor to test me for it. Thanks for all you are doing! You are being a blessing. Linda

  9. debbie

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your book. I REALLY WANT TO BUY YOUR FLOUR!!!!But, nothing happens when I click on the spot that says click here to purchase. What should I do?

    You are truly an inspiration!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

  10. Helen

    Just wondering if there’s a recipe for this or if I can use any other gf mix as I live in the uk so can’t order…. coeliac products here are pretty lousy and hard to come by :(

    1. LH

      Helen it seems that she does not share too many recipes or exact ratios. She posted a delicious Gluten free pear cardamom loaf at Betheny’s show… while adding the ingredients she was very careful NOT to mention any measurements. And you will not find such recipe anywhere. What good is a recipe without the exact ingredients? It is hard to find any bread baking recipes in her website. Only simple soups.. are shared. ~ Helen, I too would like to know the exact measurements of her all purpose flour… BUT I am not sure she will share. I asked. I do trust her baking methods.. she is wonderful & unique BUT I hope she shares a bit more – Otherwise it is only a business… ~ She claims she wants to help but many cannot afford to buy her products.. she could help by providing some recipes! ~Many blessings!!!

  11. LH

    Can I have the recipe of the gluten free flour (ratio–measurement) I have so many flours here bought. I do not want to waste them guessing on ratio. ~ Thanks. Also: You presented a recipe at Bethany’s show.. the Pear cardamom load… but you did not specify measurements. What good is a recipe without the exact ratio of each ingredient. You know that baking requires exact measurement technique! Why tease us like that…. Honestly! “OR Will you ever come out with a bakery book?

  12. LH

    I love the clean way! ~ I would like to know if you have the Exact Ratio Recipe of your all purpose gluten free flour. – I have so many flours here I do not want to waste them guessing on ratio. ~ Also: You presented a recipe at Bethany’s show.. ‘the Pear cardamom load’… but you did not specify measurements. – What good is a recipe without the exact ratio of each ingredient. -You know that baking requires exact measurements! Why tease us like that…. Honestly! ~ “ I am now trying to find exact measurements on the recipe but cannot find one. Again I don’t want to guess via experiment – these flours are not cheap! ~ I trust your knowledge & wonder if you ever come out with a bakery book? OR if you present a recipe publicly: .. would you at least let us know ratio of each ingredient?

  13. LH

    I love the impeccable baking methods: “Jennifer’s way’. But did I miss the recipe page? I was looking for the bagel recipe & Pear Cardamom Loaf (Betheny’s show). You did not mention the exact ingredients in her show… just posted a comment above. ~Thanks~

  14. LH

    I am starting to find some recipes in your website. Thanks Jennifer. Though still looking for the bagels & Pear loaf recipe! ~ I am a baker & prefer to buy the flours & make my own.. Please please make a recipe book… lol…~ I will buy it! Many blessings!

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