As part of my “getting my celiac story out to the public masses so I can raise awareness and educate the general public” tour, I will be making the following media and public appearances. Please check back as this page will be updated frequently.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
June 19th

The Chew
June 5th
Airs that day; check your local listing

Veria Living
May 8th
Airs live

The Bethenny Show
May 7, 2014
Check your local listings
Fox & Friends
May 8, 2014

Barnes & Noble in Tribeca (New York City)
May 5, 2014

New York Live
May 5, 2014

Katie Couric Show
May 1, 2014
1:00PM Live – check your local listings

Fox TV interview with Arthel Neville
April 26, 2014
Will air live check your local listings

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  1. Barbara Galantowicz

    Being a celiac myself and several members of my family, very involved in your message. Also the medical director of “FlyingHorseFarms in Ohio” a camp with children with serious illnesses part the Paul Newman (SeriousFun network) Hole in the Wall Gang camps. We had a Gluten Free week for children with any gastroenterology diseases and many are on a Gluten free diet. Being a non-profit we are looking for sponsors. Trying find to find them I found you through your sponsorship with the Shar company. I would love to “brainstorm” with you to see how we could continue our Gluten Free week at camp. I thank you for your time.
    Barb Galantowicz, M.D.

  2. Doug Hartt

    I found your interview with Arthel Neville to be very illuminating. I might get tested for Celiac myself because of it. If you might be interested, I work with a national talk radio network and think you should get the word out to these listeners by advertising the book and bakery. Email me if interested.

    1. Anxhelo

      I’ve learned relust-oriented things from a blog post. One other thing to I have observed is that usually, FSBO sellers can reject a person. Remember, they might prefer not to use your products and services. But if an individual maintain a gentle, professional partnership, offering support and staying in contact for four to five weeks, you will usually be capable of win a meeting. From there, a house listing follows. Cheers

  3. Michelle Caulfield


    It was so refreshing to watch you on the Katie Show recently. I also have Celiac Disease for 4 years now. You really hit it on the nose with symptoms etc…. There is so much to learn with this disease. I am looking forward to trying your baked goods! I live in Boston but, would love to have some goodies shipped. I hope to visit your bakery this summer!

    Thank you for educating so many people that may not know they have Celiac Disease.



    1. Javiera

      This is truly touching!!! I have a frenid with celiac disease and I see how hard it is on her family. I wish you sold this nationwide and I am sure you will eventually. The girl is now 16 years old and has known she has had the disease for the past 6 years. It is very expensive and hard on her to know she can not eat the food that all people can eat. Sometimes it makes her upset but she is a trooper and hangs in there. Just knowing there are others out there is a blessing to her. Take Care!!!

  4. Susan

    I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! It is so honest and I hope everyone will read it even if you don’t have celiac disease. I gave up gluten a couple of years ago just because I believe that it is not good for me and that my body will be healthier without it. Your book also shows how we have to be responsible for our own health and be the detective and never give up and there is not just one doctor out there to give you a pill to make you feel all better regardless of what disease you may or may not have. Also I hope people take away from this book the profound affect that what you eat has on your health and life. I have seen you on Katie and Bethenny. I really am hoping for great success to you in your business. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  5. Orietta Poli

    Hi Jennifer,
    I saw your segment on the The Chew today and was moved by your story. You have truly given purpose to your past health adversities. I myself had health issues in the past not due to celiac disease, but to mold exposure. The aftermath of mold exposure was very debilatating leading me to seek answers else where after so many empty answers from specialists . I am briefly sharing my story just to let you know of an alternative medicine technqiue that gave me my quality of life back and restored my immune system. It is not well known, but I hope with time people will become more knowing of NAET. It is an allergy elimination technique which reprograms your body to reaccept allergens so that you do not have to be doing an avoidance of allergens such as gluten constantly. I encourage you to do research on NAET. It worked for me and friends of mine that have since also turned to NAET. It is very different from traditional medicine, but non the less it works. I just wanted to share this with you and any readers that follow your blog. God Bless you, your work and your courage to be the voice of so many. Orietta

  6. Paula Flynn

    Hi Jennifer!
    Love your acting work & also love your dedication to the cause of Celiac and gluten intolerance. I am not a Celiac, but I am highly intolerant of gluten. I am confident that I would have never explored my own health issues with gluten if your struggle as an actor with Celiac had not been in the news. I have lost 25 lbs and have cut meds in half after going gluten free. I cannot completely reverse the damage that gluten has done to my body, but I am remarkably better and my friends and family see a difference in my health. It’s harder for people to argue with me about gluten free living when big health improvements take place & people can see a change in my appearance and energy level. You have been a great inspiration, as you have made many sacrifices in order to regain your health and also help other people.

    Since you are expanding your bakery business, I thought I would give you an idea for the next step in your business. Have you thought of a survival kit for gluten free people? There are many companies that sell terribly unhealthy food for emergency situations, so what would any of us Celiac/gluten intolerant people do if we had no fresh food for 14 days or more. If you could sell a 14-90 day survival kit of nutritious gluten free food, that would be my biggest wish for your business, as I cannot find an emergency kit that is gluten free for me and my family to buy out in the marketplace.

    Can’t wait for your commercial bakery to get finished!


  7. Cathy

    I just finished reading your book. I can only say “WOW”. I found similarities in my own life and circumstances that paralleled yours so closely that it scared me and yes it took 3 decades to be diagnosed. After basically becoming a self educated nutritionist over the years, (knowing that something was not right with me) and also spending enormous amounts of money on self help books, believing that it was “in my head”, I have come to realize what an affect gluten has had on me. I suffered from depression for years without ever having a reason to be depressed.

    I know so many others that most likely are celiacs, but refuse to question their situation or become informed. Others, without the will to get to the bottom of living a healthier life, are very difficult to convince. I give the example of an alcoholic admitting to having a drinking problem. Education is paramount in delivering this “secret information” to the masses.

    I admire your courage, stamina, and diligence Jennifer! We are not crazy and antidepressants are not the cure. Keep fighting and educating. It is a matter of life and death.

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