Did you know tea tree oil is a great alternative to using harsh chemicals such as bleach?! I thought since I just posted a blog about tea tree oil’s amazing antiseptic and anti-fungal benefits for health reasons I would write a quick follow up so you have yet ANOTHER reason to go out and buy a bottle!

Besides using tea tree oil topically for my health, the other main use is as a great house hold cleaner and specifically for killing MOLD! Tea tree oil is one of the only true methods of killing mold – not just removing it or discoloring the area so that it appears to be gone, but the only great and healthy way to kill mold. I use a spray bottle and poor about 5 drops of tea tree oil per 2.5 cups of water. It is very important to remember most “commercial” cleaning supplies contain hazardous chemicals that you do not want be inhaling or putting on surfaces that you are then going to be touching- they are not good for anyone and will especially irritate those with allergies and asthma!

Tea Tree Oil is so multifunctional and so powerful that a little bit will go a long long way and well worth the purchase!!

Ever Onward,

Jennifer Esposito


For additional household uses for your tea tree oil check out:

For bleach info:

~ Jennifer

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  1. Jill Brown

    I am thrilled that you are coming out with product and news about being gluten free. I have been told that I am gluten free also. My symptoms are just like yours (and more) but I have been tested three times over 30 years and they all came back negative. Sometimes I really didn’t think I was going to survive. Especially when they are giving you diagnosis after diagnosis and medication after medication for all of these illnesses. My Aunt has had it for 47 years but at that time it was called sprue and she was hospitalized for weeks because she lost so much weight and almost died before they found out what what it was. Nothing to eat back then. She had to make her own bread and couldn’t eat alot. We have come a long way but we have just scratched the surface. Your website will be very much welcomed. Thank you very much. Jill Brown

  2. annette bogert

    Seen you on the Wendy show today along with Mario López. You talked about your condition and your website, I love it. I will definitely be a regular visitor. Thank you for being you and doing what you do!! Absolutely amazing…

  3. Virginia York

    Hey Jennifer, your a terrific actress and I am thrilled to see your interest in health and wellness. Sometimes it takes a personal experience to get our focus. Spread the word, you are helping many people! Thank you for all you do. I’m a fellow Italian and agree Mob Wives paints a negative and classless picture unbecoming and untrue of most Italians. I hope they drop the show. Karma you know! Love you and God Bless Virginia

  4. Anne Wills

    Hi Jennifer,

    I tried many different types of Slippery Elm but have found that taking Nature’s Own Slippery Elm before dining out lessens the discomfort if I accidently eat a food containing Gluten. I hope this helps.

    Anne Wills

  5. patty

    Hi Jennifer,

    I tried the tea tree oil on a mold stain and there is no visible change to the stain. Can you advise how you tell if the tea tree oil actually killed the mold spores and if there is a natural remedy available to remove the stain as well as kill the mold?


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