smoke-earsHi Friends,  if you have followed my blog you probably know that I like to keep things moving in a positive direction.  Living with Celiac disease is enough to deal with without adding fuel to the fire by letting nonsense get to me.  Yes sometimes my health situation gets the best of me and I allow myself to wallow a bit,  but not for long.  In the past 3 months I decided to take the leap and open the bakery and a safe zone that I have been dreaming about since my diagnosis.

I’m happy to say Jennifer’s Way Bakery is ALMOST here.  A gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, soy free, peanut free, allergy friendly, organic bakery that will be a SAFE ZONE and the CELIAC STANDARD for gluten free baked goods.  I’m going to also make it a center for information about this disease, and a place to find understanding and support.  To say its been a TON of work would be an understatement.

Besides hand-picking every last detail, even sanding the refurbished wood in the store myself, I have spent days upon days researching the SAFEST, cleanest, purest, organic, non GMO, local ingredients I could find.  I WILL NOT bake with anything less.  DO you want to know why?  Because as a celiac, a severe allergy ridden one, I have learned that whole, clean, HEALTHY foods is what my body needs to function.  So I’ve used my own savings to make this dream spot happen not only for me but for so many like me.

AND HERE IS WHERE I’M GOING TO RANT FOR A SECOND (GlutenDude, This is for you), The other day on my way to the bakery I saw a sign that read, “gluten free donuts coming soon.”  Where you ask????? IN DUNKIN FREAKIN’ DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!?????  I am so DAMN SICK of these big companies and many others cashing in on OUR DISEASE!!!!!!! I quickly started doing some research.  Yes it was true and guess where I found info?  On a CELIAC SITE.  Stating how excited they were about this. WHAT!!!!!??#$@!&??????   You’re happy about a sugar filled, starch laden, no nutrition ball of god-knows-what that claims it was created in a dedicated area.  Is this yet another Dominos situation???????????  I’m tired of it.

Celiacs need HEALTHY FOOD!  The more this gluten free “trend” gets bigger, the worse the choices are for us – for people that actually NEED this food to live.  If that wasn’t enough, I stopped by a friend’s restarant that same day because he was curious if he could buy some some of my gluten free flour for his restaraunt.  I was very excited, but when he told me how things would be prepared and made in the gluten filled kitchen I protested.  He then said 5 absolutely dirty words in my book, “well IT WOULDN’T BE FOR CELIACS.”  He might as well have told me that he hated me and wanted to punch me in the face.

He must have seen the smoke coming out of my ears and changed the subject quickly!  Honestly folks, I’m stumped.  I am not the kind of person who likes to bring up an issue without some kind of bright spot or solution but I’m sorry I don’t have one.  This seriously makes me so very sad.  I’m doing my best to get the CORRECT word out about this disease but how do you fight the almighty dollar that is obviously so much more important the peoples health?  All I can say my fellow Celiacs and gluten challenged people is the choice is YOURS!  Choose better for yourself.  I wish and hope I could open my bakery/safe zone in a neighborhood near you but until then, demand better QUALITY for yourself!

I must leave on some kind of positive note, The Bakery which will be in the East Village of NYC is almost open.  Every inch of my place is being built with love, consideration and respect for you, this disease and what it brings.

Also, Frankie Beans is ready to kick some Gluten Ass!

Be Well.

~ Jennifer

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  1. Karen Mahoney

    Thank you thank you thank you! This latest fad is driving me crazy! Just yesterday we took my son out for his birthday (we are both Celiac) and the restaurant had a ‘G’ next to everything that was gluten free. Well, it certainly was not for us celiacs because within a half hour of eating this stuff we were both sick! Fun way to celebrate his 18th birthday, don’t you think? It made me so mad because there just isn’t anywhere safe to go out to eat anymore.

      1. Dan

        People – don’t believe this… you CAN go out to eat. Its easier in certain cities though. Denver, SF, more progressive areas are on top of it, while the south, New England (sorry to generalize) for the most part are pretty far behind in their understanding of gluten.

        Point is, don’t let this kill your social life. That’s not healthy either.

    1. Sybil Nassau

      Did you speak to the manager before ordering your meal? DId you ask about cross-contamination or how the meal would be prepared? Did you just assume the meal would be acceptable? I eat out frequently, always ask questoins, and almot always a manager takes over and makes sure the meal is correctly prepared. It is our own repsonsibility to ASK! Someone obviously goofed in that kitchen and I would have let the owner/manager know!

    2. Scott Wolf

      I think the takeaway is that you still have to ask and ask, and ask again about the food preparation standards these restaurants use. In Boston, there are three or four rock solid restaurants (Legal Seafood, Burton’s Grill, and Stonehearth Pizza come to mind), that take GF seriously. The others require careful monitoring

    3. Sharon

      Yes, Yes, Yes, Karen you are soooooo right!! And Jennifer I feel the same way, I get so angry because like Karen say’s there really is not any place to go and eat that is totally gluten free. And it makes it very hard for those of us that either are not able to make or bake our selves a decent true gluten free meal. I’m so like Jennifer it makes me so angry!!!!!

  2. Sandra

    Good for you, Jennifer. Hope the bakery is a HUGE success. Maybe it will become a giant bakery chain. In the meantime, get ready to ship your products because I’ll bet there will be multitudes who would like to order from you. Best wishes to you in your new endeavor. :o)

  3. [email protected]

    I visited Gluten Dude’s website a while back where he talked about eating sushi and getting sick. I commented that sushi isn’t gluten free….
    Anyone can start a blog about food. ANYONE.
    Anyone can claim their product is gluten free. There isn’t even a standard in labeling in the U.S.
    But one experience, one really bad experience, and the celiac customer will never return.
    It has become a for profit business. I think that most celiacs who don’t go all the way to heal themselves don’t realize how much better they can feel. We had to eliminate 17 foods to help our celiac son heal. We are now an organic grass fed non processed food household.
    You BETTER have an online store that ships continental U.S. I have a great friend with a celiac store in Chicago. I would love to go there to purchase Jennifer’s Way Baked Goods!

    1. Annymaryory

      Can’t the doctor give you sontehimg for that? and Just have a little bit with each meal and you’ll build up a tolerance to it. I saw some guy on the tv talking about it. , are a couple of wingdingers I’ve had thrown my way. Another one is This gluten-free sh*t is so inconvenient! Why can’t you be normal? That one was from my mother.I generally appreciate it when people acknowledge that it is a disorder and not a dietary preference.

      1. William

        you should have told your mother not to worry about the food at the moment you had something really important to tell her about you and your really good friend Roberta/Michael or that Bruce Jenner had really given you the courage to see the truth. Give her five minutes to freak on that then ask how inconvenient the celiacs was again.

    2. Nur

      Hmm it seems like your web site ate my first comment (it was very long) so I guess Ie2€™ll just sum it up what I smbiutted and say, Ie2€™m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring weblog writer but Ie2€™m nonetheless new to everything. Do you have any suggestions for rookie blog writers? Ie2€™d surely appreciate it.

  4. Krista A.

    It drives me nuts too but I just wanted to point out what I heard about Dunkin is that the donuts will be created separately…as in elsewhere and shipped in special bags to prevent cross contamination. It’s not healthy though you are right…but, I guess ok for the occasional snack especially if on the road and in desperate need of something.

  5. Lisa

    I have say I do run in to DD to get coffee only! Many times they ask “is that all”! I want to ask…… can I just smell your donuts? I still morn! I am very confused as to the ” gluten free but not for Celiac’s ” !!

  6. Kim

    Yes, this is definitely frustrating. I’m seeing a lot of pizza places now offering “Gluten Free” pizza. However, you must be careful because while the crust may be gluten free, the toppings may not be. Some establishments are good about letting you know that, but some are not. Also there is still a risk of cross-contamination. Education & awareness is the key!

  7. Tammy

    I just recently had to start making sure I use gluten free beauty products. I have celiac and find myself craving the old days when I could indulge in a deep dish pizza or a gooey warm donut. Or a bagel that tasted something like a bagel. I think anyone who joins this fad is crazy because I long for the days when I could eat food and it tasted like food. I’m excited that you are opening a bakery and I like restaurants that are offering some gluten free options. I prefer restaurants where the staff has been trained and understand why cross contamination is like poison to my system. But it is a danger zone when trying to navigate eating out and usually have to decide if it is worth the pain or not. I want more options when I eat out and I don’t want staff to complain or yell at me when I send a meal back because they put something on my plate which will make me end up in the restroom on the floor for the next few days. Education is a must. Thanks for the work you’ve begun on behalf of all of us who are suffering.

  8. Jeff

    The East Village , its too cold up there. I left the Village 30 years ago to Ft Lauderdale. I have been too afraid to try anything from the big corporations and am finally feeling better after the holidays from cross contaminations. Maybe in summer.

  9. Natalie Buslee

    Very exciting about your bakery! Wishing all the last minute things goes smoothly.

    I have tried many flours and pancake mixes and like your the best. When more will be available?

    1. Jenn

      I love your blog abd you are the reason my husband discovered that me and my sons list of health issues were being caused by gluten and I thank you for that. But I thinkk you should do your research before attacking a national company like Dunkin Donuts. It appears they learned from the Dominos screw up and are taking proper measures ti insure there products labled Gluten Free will indeed be safe to eat. It would be wonderful for all national chains to take steps to cater to those with this condition. It just looks like sour grapes when you are opening a bakery and attacking Dunkin Donuts with misimformation about a product that could protentially compete with yours. That is not to say that I am comparing your organic process to what I am sure will be far from organic at a national chain. I appluad your work I just think you need to be sure before speaking out for or against a product or company. Best of luck I will be visiting your bakery for sure!!!!

  10. Howard Seidman

    I have been doing some communications work for St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia and had a chance to write a story/press release about a Celiac Disease support group the hospital runs. It is unique because it is one of the only ones in the country that focuses exclusively on kids. The nutritionist who runs the group made me aware of how tough it is to maintain a gluten-free diet, especially among people with CD in underserved areas.

    The group continues to have regular meetings and seems to be helping a lot of families in greater Philly. You can see the story at

  11. Shel K.

    Will your bakery be open in May for sure? I live in Michigan but am traveling to NYC the first weekend in May. I would LOVE to come check out your place! It would be at the top of my list on things to do!

  12. Lea B.

    I don’t eat out but for a few select places where I can watch them prepare my food. I have made friends with the staff, I’ve learned their names, I’ve explained the illness & the consequences if they don’t handle my food properly. I actually make eye contact and say hello to the chef when I come in the door. And I tip them and always show appreciation for the work they do. In other restraunts I’ve had to clarify when I specify Gluten free that it’s a severe allergy and not “a personal preference”. Believe me It’s not a preference! It’s really a hassle that makes going out with my family or friends anything but an enjoyable experience! It’s just not worth all the worry of getting sick. The big chains won’t make the changes because of the cost. They don’t want to tale the necessary precaustions and educate staff for a select few. . For now I’ll happily frequent my regular spots and come up with my own recipes. I wish you all the best in your endeavors to bring healthy, allergen free dining to the masses. Wish it was in my part of the country. God Bless!

  13. Shirley Plant

    You are so right to rant! This is a crazy world we are living in. I was at our local grocery store today and they had all these gluten free breads on sale. Reading the ingredients I can’t imagine why anyone would eat them. Potato Starch, white rice flour, tapioca syrup ( never heard of it) sugar cane, eggs, tapioca starch etc. All turns to sugar in the body. We are going to have a whole generation of Celiacs with huge Candida and unhealthy guts, what we already have from all the sugar and starch in gluten free products. Good luck with the bakery

    1. Preety

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  14. Elaine

    Jennifer, I have started making my own baked goods because I can’t stand the increase in sugar and fat that most manufacturers use to cover the “good enough for gluten free” taste. I use recipes from Gluten Free On a Shoestring. So delicious. I have bread rising now.

    Down here in the south, we have a great Pizza restaurant called “Mellow Mushroom”. They serve Gluten Free Pizza the real way. Their crusts are made in a dedicated facility, and arrive individually wrapped. They keep separate Toppings in a separate area (all the same toppings available to the non-celiac customers), In this area they assemble the pizza and then cook it in a dedicated GF Oven. They use only GF Corn Meal to “lubricate” the kitchen so that no Flour is being thrown around.

    I wouldn’t touch a Domino’s pizza with a 10 foot pole, but Mellow Mushroom is delicious. I also wouldn’t buy a Dunkin’ Donuts Donut, even gluten free. I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavor, and I hope, one day, it goes National.

    Elaine in Raleigh

  15. Debbie (Adam's Gluten Free Surprise)

    AMEN! and THANK YOU!! YES, YES, YES!!! I am SO with you!! (not to say that I am a 100% pure healthy eater – but …) Sure – let’s replace one processed food with another! ugh!!! Its disappointing and depressing and the debilitating health in our country just continues.

    You go girl!! Love it!!!

    And congrats on your bakery!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it – and to see pics!!
    (Will you be offering awesome children’s books? heehee)

    Keep up the work. You are making a difference! Sometimes a rant and rave is in order!

  16. Kim

    I agree, but I’m just thankful for the baby steps others are taking. When I was diagnosed I was lucky if people knew there are allergies like this. At least there are more conversations happening about celiac disease. It’s our job to keep educating and sites like this are a true win for people like us! Can’t wait to visit NYC an your bakery!

  17. Morgan

    Wow!! Firstly I can’t tell you how excited I am to see your bakery open, Jennifer. As a highly allergic Celiac myself, it will be nice to finally be able to purchase ready made tasty treats that won’t have me in pain for the following week!!

    Until now, unless it’s water, I really do not trust anything on anyone’s menu to be truly ‘Gluten-free’ (Read: safe to eat).

    I thank you for all that you are doing in raising awareness for others and promise to be one of your first customers through the doors when you finally open… I only hope you will actually be there so I can thank you in person and hopefully also get a pic together :)

    Happy New Year Jennifer


  18. Leenywahine

    I agree about this latest GF fad! I hate it that all the bigwig corporations have to cash in on EVERYTHING! I was never diagnosed with Celiac but have been living GF since ’98 so unless I eat some gluten again and get tested, I will never actually know whether I have Celiac or just intolerant. Either way, I prefer to live this way since it basically saved my life!
    In once sense, it is good, since there is more awareness about it being an actual disease and not “all in our heads”. I guess we just have to be diligent about what we eat when we eat out and educate people as much as we can. Thanks for all you’re doing and good luck with the bakery! Wish we had one like that here in San Diego!

  19. Sandtruck

    Last week week I dined out and ordered off the gluten free menu. Shortly after that I was very very sick. It is so discouraging. Hope to see you back on Blue Bloods, not the same with0ut you.

  20. Jess (The Patient Celiac)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you both for your post and for opening your bakery! The marketing of GF processed foods has gotten ridiculous. I feel like lately every time I mention that I have Celiac Disease that all that I hear about are comments like, “I heard Pizza Hut now has a gluten free menu” or “Have you tried the GF Doritoes?” Like all that it means to have Celiac Disease is to eat disgusting GF foods! Thank you for continuing to promote awareness of Celiac Disease, the association of celiac disease with multiple food intolerances, and the importance of healthy eating. Also, please let us know when your bakery T shirts are available!

  21. Wendy Lavender

    I wish you all the best success with your bakery. A huge leap forward for you and the most fortunate Coeliacs who have the best luck of being able to sample your produce. We are lucky in Australia to have compulsory labelling but once again, a lot of the gluten free products aren’t healthy, full of sugar and starch. As you said, it’s our choice and I’ve found the over refined GF food doesn’t do me any favours. Love your blog, love your hard work for Coeliacs. Walk in beauty, Jen.

  22. Jordana

    While I agree with much of what you say, I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the Dunkin Donuts GF products. I am picturing my daughter, who is 11 and has celiac, walking into town with her friends and they decide to go for some hot chocolate and donuts. Now, hopefully soon, my daughter can join her friends and be a part of the group. Yes, people with celiac, and really all people, need to be more aware and vigilant about what they put in their body, and not fill it with processed foods and ingredients, but, sometimes, for the sake of normalcy, it’s good to have these options available. We are looking forward to visiting your bakery when it opens!! Sending you positive vibes!!

  23. Denise

    I agree that many of the big companies are trying to cash in on the trend but I do appreciate them trying to present options. Sadly, I think they are catering more to the fad-dieters who think removing gluten from their diet will cause them to lose weight.
    I’ve found (in the rare instances I eat out any more) a lot of places tend to think that removing any bread product from the dish makes it gluten free. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that simply ordering from the GF menu does not mean the food is safe. I have taken to asking about the ingredients and preparation. Sadly, that’s still not full proof.

  24. Dave

    I was watching Blue Bloods the other night, and the girl they put in to replace you, (well in my eyes, she never replaced you) (she didn’t seem New Yorker enought for me); she is going to INS on the show so I do not know who or if she will be replace by another gal. Probably others have felt the same as I and maybe that is why she is being move out…. to a degree.
    The Village is a great place and a very fine selection to start up this kind of an adventure. I wish you the very best!

  25. mike raposa

    Do not worry, its just like Domino’s Pizza with Glutne Free. It will eventually end because it is next to impossible to keep the donuts gluten free while making them in the same factory as the other product’s.
    Betty Crocker has gluten free, and very resonable priced. I have not been sick off of B.C. Products. Just wainting on jennifer to get that backery open.

  26. Dave

    I bought myself a loaf of gluten free bread that was suggested will work just fine for my celiac condition. I thought I would die…it was bad. The main ingredient was sorghum, which is basicly a grass and effected me worst than wheat.
    People fail to realize that many plants develope chemicals to ward off predators such as insects. These chemicals in these plants, if not processed correctly, cannot be used as a food for a person who is gluten intolerant.

  27. Kim

    Thank you for bringing up this point. As a newly discovered Celiac, I have tried to follow the proper menu, and I will eat items that are supposedly gluten free… to only still get sick. It is so disheartening. I even had my sister-in-law tell me, “Oh, they probably just do not care. It is like giving someone regular coffee when they asked for decaf. No one will know the difference.” As you know it is much different. There truly needs to be more mainstream education about Celiac Disease and the problems it causes.

  28. Lanie

    I so appreciate what you are doing, with the information, products and now your bakery! I live a pretty far distance from NYC but will keep my fingers crossed for your great success so I can look forward to one close to me in the future. Best Wishes on your health and success.
    with love and respenct

    1. Adam

      In this grand pattern of thnigs you’ll secure a B- for hard work. Where you lost me personally ended up being in your specifics. You know, as the maxim goes, details make or break the argument.. And that couldn’t be more true right here. Having said that, let me tell you what exactly did give good results. The article (parts of it) is actually really powerful and this is probably why I am taking an effort to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Secondly, even though I can see the leaps in reasoning you come up with, I am not necessarily convinced of exactly how you seem to unite the points which inturn produce your conclusion. For right now I will subscribe to your position however trust in the foreseeable future you actually connect the facts much better.

    2. Imane

      Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had wreittn and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for first-time blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

  29. Sybil Nassau

    Jennifer, I can hardly read this light print, so here goes. I ,too, miss you on Blue Bloods, but to get to the root of this mystery about Dunkin Donuts, you need to know the whole story which is available on faceboo.
    First, DD had nothing to do with the preparation or marketing of the new donut or the blueberry muffin. The owner of two South Miami stores went to DD corporate and asked them to come up with something when it turned out his 6 year old son was diagnosed with celiac and he wanted to sell it in his stores. It will be prewrapped and frozen, shipped to stores. It is being test-marketed in Miami now and 2 stores in Brookine,MA, available elsewhere by late Spring. Just because this company is doing
    seomthing for those living with gluten intolerance is no reason to knock it for everyone else. We don’thave to eat it just because it’s available. Frozen donuts are available from several companies, we don’t have to eat them or the bagels or the cakes and cookies either! Good luck witih your bakery!

  30. Mariann

    I too have been a lone voice in the winds of change trying to impress upon others that a gluten-free diet does not center on processed cookies, breads, bagels, pizzas, cakes, donuts, doritos etc…… and that it is still challenging to eat out!! I am so happy to hear about your opening as my daughter is in school in the city and I visit a few times a year always seeking outlets that ‘get it’. As a gluten free Chef in Cleveland I will continue to share, along with you, the need for public awareness!!

  31. Roberta Kerr

    Congratulations and sincerely best wishes. I am one of the persons who really really misses you on Friday nights. I wish there was some way you could come back, even it is next year… and I know my thoughts about this is not what this site is for. Sorry.

  32. Marcia

    As a celiac & a vegan, I have to watch everything I eat or that comes in contact with my food. I never see anything posted about yeast. According to, Brewer’s yeast is a by-product of barley and is unsafe. Yet I always see GF tags on products made with Brewer’s yeast. How is this justified. I have a strong reaction to this as well. Ordinary bakery’s yeast seems to be GF. Are your products made with either one one of these yeasts?
    Thank you for all of your information and vigilance on CD. I still find most people do not understand this disease and its severe results.

  33. Maureen

    I agree with Jordana. Our kids need wholesome foods but if Dunkin’ Donuts will manufacture on gluten free equipment and separately package a piece of crap that looks like a donut but won’t make my son stop growing, BLESS THEM. Because we all have somewhere in our hierarchy of needs, just sometimes being one of the gang. Also the wide availability of gluten-free, processed knockoffs, like lookalike gluten free “oreos”, hot dog buns, etc. in almost every supermarket makes it much more realistic for celiacs to be involved in film/tv and theatre. I see a lot of plus sides.

  34. Gluten Dude

    I am starting to feel that sadly, the celiac community is becoming divided between those who believe celiacs must treat their bodies extremely well in order to stay healthy and those who feel they deserve to eat whatever they wish, as long as its gluten free.

    I’m on the healthy side but I’ve been getting some flack from my fellow celiacs that I’m being too negative; that I’m taking things too seriously. All I know is that we’re trying to help people; to empower them. How is that a bad thing?

    Keep fighting the good fight Jennifer.

  35. Cynthia Cozad

    Thank-you for writing this and not sugar-coating it!

    I’m new to your blog, Jennifer, and love it already. I do not have Celiac disease, but am recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It is treated in part by eliminating gluten.

    When I started to eliminate gluten, he first thing I noticed was that there are plenty of unhealthy options pushed to the forefront. I’m a former nurse and can remember years ago the lack of options for babies born with Celiac disease, and how hard it was for the mothers to find food their little ones could safely eat. These companies trying to capitalize on what they believe is the diet fad of the moment act like they are doing people with Celiac and gluten issues a favor, but they are not!

    I’ve only been trying to eat clean and GF for a few months, but I’m already sick of the cynicism, and sometimes anger, aimed at people trying to avoid gluten. Thanks for being a voice defying that skepticism, and informing all who will listen.

  36. Maria

    Congrats on the dream of your bakery coming true. Thanks for all you do to help make people aware of the disease. Will we be able to order from the bakery and have it shipped? I’m having trouble finding bread for a sandwich now and then. Or French toast?

  37. arnold zimmerman

    Hello Jennifer, I wrote you a while back concerning the shoddy and disrespectful treatment you received on Bluebloods. I also tried to explain that the information you have been given regarding celiac and gluten is flawed. If one has celiac or gluten sensitivity, they would do well to avoid all grains, period. If they want to test and see if they are also reacting to the gluten molecules present in other grains, then that is what they should do to know for sure. What you are referring to as gluten free is inaccurate. It is gliadin free but due to molecular mimicry, you in particular could be sabotaging your own health and other celiac patients as well. If your gut is not healing, look for SIBO and stop the grains.

    1. Jennifer

      Please understand YOUR CEliac is NOT MY Celiac. Also please don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t eat and what is RIGHT and WRONG for me and others. I know exactly what you are talking about and I appreciate you writing and offering your opinion. I am allergic to proteins as well as grains even certain vegetables. So that particular diet does NOT suit my system. Also know this blog is called Jennifers Way because it is the way I found to navigate through this tricky ever changing disease. Everything I say here I cross reference and make sure what I’m saying is to the best of my ability to help others navigate through their OWN maze. NO ONE can tell you exactly what works for you, AND NO ONE SHOULD. As I’ve said before this is a tricky disease and rears its ugly head in many many different ways. YOU AND ONLY YOU KNOWS WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

      Thank you


      1. Ellen

        I agree with Jennifer whole heartily! I was diagnosed in September 2012 with Celiac’s and being Lactose Intolerant, after 10 years of being mis-diagnosed. I went as far as having my gallbladder out, to which the doctor said it would “cure it all”. NOT! It only increasingly got worse. Since being diagnosed I’ve had to change alot of things…
        I have found with me that learning what I “can and can not” eat is a challenge at best. Some people can’t eat grains. Some can’t eat bi-products of all grains. It is VERY difficult to find anything in the supermarket that I can eat. And resaurants, forget about it! I had always known that when I ate whole kernal corn, oatmeal, or wheat bread, my stomach hurt and I became really bad bloated. I had already figured those out. And I have found I can’t eat anything with dairy, soy, corn or anything made with produts from those either…except cornbread doesn’t seem to bother me…or flour tortillas. Crazy, huh? Yeah! That’s my point.
        Everyone has to find out what their own body can tolerate. There are some days that I think I have it under control and then I’m bad sick all over again. It is crazy! But we all, with Celiac’s and gluten intolerance, lactose intolerant and any other food allergies need to find brands or certain items that we KNOW we can eat and stick with them. Its hard. It’s boring…eating the same ole things over and over. It gets monotonous, I know.
        I’ve wanted Krispy Kreme donuts sooo badly.They were one of my favorite things, even though I didn’t get them very often. I love Chinese and Mexican foods. I couldn’t understand (before diagnoses) why that every time I ate those foods I got terribly sick! But i do now…I know after one bite, I’m toast! I just would like to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…with a cold glass of milk! NOT gonna happen. But, the point is – yes it is hard – but we must do what we have to do to be healthy. I know that I for one, do not want to be sick…if it makes me sick once, I’m not eating it again!
        Jennifer, I am so proud of all that you have done for “our” CD community! I’m praying for you and cheering you on, because believe it or not, you are making a difference no matter what anyone else says. You have helped me tremendously to understand things more clearly! When I saw you on Fox Files, it was like you were reading my mail!
        I also had to change my body wash, because it had oatmeal in it. Every time I got a shower, by the time I got dried off, I was sick as a dog and almost passing out. I thought, “What the heck is going on?” But after seeing that and your doctor saying the skin is the biggest organ and things absorb through the skin…it hit me! I checked my bathwash and there it was…OATMEAL! who would of thought? I changed it, and I haven’t had another spell after showering. CRAZY!
        Congratulations on your bakery! You go girl! Hopefully we can order from you and get it shipped to us here in Alabama. I’d love to have a recipe for GF homemade loaf bread…do you have one you could passs along? Or make and me order.
        And while I’m here, I want to say, The Wish List, is one of my favorite movies – I could watch it over and over. I love you in this.
        Love and blessings,

      2. Krista A.

        This is very true. At least right now..I can’t have tomato or peppers but I can eat white potato. I can’t have coconut. If I have too much leafy greens I get a stomach ache. There are other sensitives at play for many Celiacs. Even if you don’t have other sensitivities sometimes in the time you are healing your gut you are super sensitive. I’m not touching much of the “gluten free” foods right now. But I can see that Dunkin Donuts is at least taking more time than dominoes etc to ensure that if a celiac wants something it’s there and safe for those who know they can handle it. I’ve hardly had any sugar at all now since august.

      3. Markalvin

        However, taking a look at the pritacse of functioning of the public life in Russia and informal influence of the government, one must see that such influence is not a fully democratic one. Although federal law is not being violated it is used in such manor, that the power of government and elites (the so called oligarchy) is not endangered.

    2. jeff

      In response to Arnold; Celiac is only 1 effect from wheat gluten. There are 100′s of other health issues from gluten which are seperate from celaic. Humans stomach’s are not designed to digest it like some animals. Like when they tried to change a cow’s diet they developed Mad Cow. And have you noticed that an outside dog would eat grass to throw up after eating table scraps. Its hard for them to get thier paws in the throat :) Wheat gluten can also get into the nervous system and short out nerves to muscles and or brain, like MS. But that an effect from the gluten seperate from celiac. Bottom line is GF is not a fade and nobody should be eating it. There are plenty of other things to eat without taking the chance. Its only a time bomb waiting to happen years down the road. I can say that from my own medical condition.

      1. Juanito

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  38. Karen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you……when I saw the article about dunkin donuts carrying gluten free donuts I flipped….I am so sick of everyone jumping on the “gluten free” bandwagon…I am soooo looking forward to you opening you bakery – at least I know it’s clean from any contaminates and besides being gluten free – it’s also healthy and free from other allergens including tons of sugar! Even though I live on Long Island I will be there at least once a week – if you need any help Jennifer – I would be glad to help in any way Thank you again for ALWAYS keeping us informed and getting the word out


  39. Linda

    Yes, Jennifer! I hate that too, and I also heard about Duncan Donuts. About 6 months ago, it was Domino’s Pizza! I am not trusting those places, and like you said, why eat junk food? As the word gets out to more and more celiacs and people with allergies, the more people will realize how to eat healthy food, and go to places like the one you are opening. I know nothing about New York, but I do know there is also a”craze” about eating healthy food going around! YOU are one of the people that will be looked up to for helping increase people’s knowledge of what eating healthy mean! No one said it would be easy, but there are more and more of us to stand together. We’re behind you all the way!! Go out there and make us proud!! Thank you for being a leader!

    1. Alex

      Wonderful blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring wrretis? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any tips? Bless you!

    1. Joel

      Like Nicole, I’ve been getting a lot of Oh yeah, I’m ctuting back on gluten, too. I mean, I drink beer and eat bread, but other than that The worst is when the person saying this is my waiter for the evening, which has happened twice recently.

    2. Ramm

      Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an elhabsisted blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Appreciate it

  40. Debbie (Adam's Gluten Free Surprise)

    Nope – can’t fight the almighty dollar and can’t fight processed and easy to heat up. What makes this diet so frightening for most? – - – - – - “I have to cook!?!”

    Many are raised on microwavable and fast foods. The concept of cooking and taking care with ingredients is beyond comprehension. The fact that once ‘healthy’ this overwhelm (and CRAVING for crap) will diminish is lost on most. Its sad and a shame. But its what keeps those businesses going – without a doubt.

    Everyone needs healthy – not just those of us with celiac. But those of us with celiac (and other food intolerances) are more in-tuned to their bodies – especially those of us who were sick for years and years and then discover that food (or the removal of certain foods) can make us feel so much better. And then our eyes are open wider to others’ issues and how they could improve with diet change – as well as the wonder at how we can further improve our own health with continued diet changes. The better we feel – the better we want others to feel – and along the way – the increased risk of being ‘left out’ (often because of the ignorance and misguidance of others).

    Education on how to feed self is lacking in our country. How about a cooking class for kids at your new bakery? Get kids interested in and excited about cooking. Teach them that they ‘can’ cook! :)

  41. Malone

    Dear Jennifer,
    You are fabulous. You have made a wonderful point. I just got diagnosed with a sensitivity to all gluten across the board, so all grains. I must admit at first it felt daunting but I feel so much better now. I have taken to following Paleo recipes because of the no grains.
    Sense becoming gluten free, I was already sugar and dairy free, I see all these gimmick foods labeled “gluten free” with no nutritional value. I am currently 1/2 way through my masters degree in environmental public health. Our food system is scary. You are right, the safest way to eat is whole foods, no GMOs, organic and local. The evidence is there.
    I too have a dream of opening a cafe where I can sell clean healthy food to people. I am inspired by you opening a bakery!!!
    I guess I just want to say thank you. It is taking a while to recover from waiting so long to be diagnosed, I am in my early 40s. Thank you for telling us your story, struggles, frustrations and accomplishments.

  42. Pamela

    Thank you, Jennifer! I love reading your blog and getting your take and I can’t WAIT til you open your bakery. I live about 4 minutes west of Midtown in NJ, and it will be a treat to come visit. I am so sick of people I know jumping on the bandwagon or thinking this is just a fun easy way to lose weight. Domino’s was on my sh!tlist when they announced their GF pizza. it is absolutely hard enough as it is navigating this disease without all the hype and crap out there. I am so far just Gluten free, and under 18 months along, and I am recovering from a setback last week which made me so so ill, I am still not 100%. It’s a scary thing, and I wish there was more information out there. i was lucky enough to have diagnosed myself, and asked the dr for a Celiac panel when a friend suggested I do so, and it was positive! Along with a positive biopsy after. I know not everyone out there is so lucky. it is an every day struggle, and one that I hope I can say I am many years symptom free, but certainly I am not there yet

  43. monique

    Hello Jeniffer, for over three years I have wanted to open a small bistro-like where I cater for Celiacs and GlutenFree people. I have to remind my clients over and over again: this is not a choice to eat this way, it is a necessity!”..We are in such desperate need here in Va. Bch. Va for a place who follow guidelines and serve wonderful food totally glutenfree with its allergens removed. I am going to watch you very carefully and keep us apprise of your progress with your bakery. I am so damm proud of you lady!

  44. Chris P.

    My friend and I are anxiously waiting for your bakery to open. I have informed my good friend, Frank, that there may be a possibility that a very large order of your baked goods and products may be available for his business grande opening on March 2, 2013 out in Staten Island. Both Frank and I strongly believe the exclusively selected ingredients you have chosen to be used in your baked goods will be an excellent addition for the hundreds of guests that will be in attendance on the day of Frank’s grande opening. The business world DESPERATELY needs some fully informed, passionate, honest and trustworthy people like you, Jennifer Esposito. I, as well as many other people, really appreciate the effort you take to advise and help people. You even take your knocks and bruises with pride, bravery and courage as well. I respect those character traits as well as the integrity and honesty you have as a person. And as for any type of replacement, nobody can replace the character you truly are! Thank you for being you, and thank you for always listening to others who hurt inside. We all recognize and appreciate the sacrifice you make of yourself on many levels for the well-being of others. God bless you.

    1. Mely

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  45. Alicia Connell

    Finally!! Thank you so much! I try to teach people this fact and to care more, but I can’t reach as many people as you can. We have 2 gluten free only stores here in Utah, but I still have to check labels. It should be illegal to put “gluten free” on a label if its not 100% gluten free. I react to the less than 20ppm. And it does the same damage to any celiac regardless whether you have a symptom or not. My 3 kids also have this disease and their symptoms are completely different than mine and not obvious if they get cross contaminated. I’m grateful to be super sensitive. I’ve complained to the gluten free stores that they should care enough not to carry the less than 100% gluten free products. They don’t even warn people. Innocent people with lack of knowledge or that have been ill-informed by doctors and other peers will find out the hard way i.e cancer, MS, etc. the more info that can be given the better. People have to make their own choice, but at least I’ll know I tried to help inform. Thanks again Jennifer for all that you do. I agree 100%. Don’t listen to the haters they’ll realize when it’s too late that they should have cared more. You’ve done your part. :-) I can’t wait to come try out your bakery. God bless!

  46. Sue in Alberta

    Jennifer! I have only recently found your website and I’m SO enjoying it.
    I too am Celiac with multiple food allergies as well – dairy, eggs, several
    gf grains, grapes etc etc etc. I was diagnosed 3 years ago after years of illness. Reading your story was way too close to my experience for comfort but unfortunately not uncmmon enough. I actively avoid ANY
    mass produced food. It’s just too risky and hey, I just don’t eat food that has an ingredient list longer than my arm. So, when ANY entity or person
    comes up with a “gluten free” product, I avoid. Period. Frankly, it sucks
    having this disease when there’s a fad going on around us! So, I plaster a smile on and keep walking when someone says, ” I want to go gluten free too ‘cos I want to lose some weight.” You gotta love some people’s children…
    So on that note, I’ll sign off. Thanks for having such a safe place to visit.
    Be well,

  47. Paula @CeliacCorner

    I cannot wait for your gluten-free bakery to open. I’m sure it has been, and will continue to be a true labor of joy for you! There aren’t many completely safe zones offering healthy gfree options. I’m sure you know how wonderful it feels to walk into an eatery where you can feel totally comfortable … so thank you for providing one! As far as Dunkin Donuts .. though my gfree donut/muffin eating days will be far and few between, I am still glad there is an option, but only because they seem to be taking the necessary steps to avoid cross-contamination, unlike other mainstream companies’ failed attempts. Healthy? Well that’s another story … Thanks for all you do for the celiac and gluten-sensitive community. Your blog has touched many.

  48. Betty

    I gotta say I agree with you 100% , I am now finding my self after continuously loosing weight with out trying and my blood sugar sky rocketing… and the Probiotics helping with the symptoms but now affecting my face and my enegry still not improving. I can’t eat anywhere and have to Carry a careful special diet, that is so frustrating. so I am grateful and excited for you and the bakery you are opening, however I live in Texas and it sure would be nice to buy things from your bakery or even find a place here in Texas that I can go to…. would be nice to Franchise let me know… again thank you for what you are doing..

  49. Deborah Mott

    Your site is the absolute best I have found!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!
    When your bakery opens will there be a way to order by the web?
    Do you have brand name items you would be willing to list?
    Thank you so very much!!!!
    When is the bakery to open?
    You are an amazing OVERCOMER! You Go!!! Thank you so much! Riches Blessings, Deborah Mott

  50. lana

    I am pleased to learn of your efforts and looking forward to trying your products. I do despair, however, that your flour contains brown rice. In their book, Perfect Health Diet, Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet discuss the many and dangerous food toxins in many plants, brown rice being a serious one. Depending on where it is grown, it could also contain large amounts of arsenic, along with natural toxins.

    I hope you look into this and consider offering a product that uses white rice. Perfect Health Diet is new, out this past December, and encourage you to take a look.


  51. Erin

    I love this article. My daughter has Celiac and so does my grandmother. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who assume it is the same thing as a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance (don’t get me wrong I know those are difficult things to live with) and I want to yell at them that my daughter has an auto immune disorder that puts her at higher risk for intestinal cancers, growth issues and tumors. My daughters reaction is so severe that I couldn’t breastfeed her, at the time I had no idea it was because of Celiac. It is equally upsetting to walk into a restaurant that has “gluten free” food prepared in the same area as gluten containing food, it has helped our check book out though because we hardly ever eat out. By the way my daughter is one of the beast eaters ever and it is because all she has ever had is fruits, vegetables and meat.

  52. Nikki Hancock

    THANK YOU! And you ARE part of the solution yourself. You’re right, our society is dollar driven but also celebrity-fueled and I believe what it takes is a few outspoken celebrities who are fighting the battle to spread the word about issues just like this! People listen and respect when celebrities talk so for someone like you to post an article like this – THANK YOU SO MUCH. From the bottom of my heart. If I had a dollar for every “gluten free menu” my friends tell me about…. It makes people think our disease is easier to manage than it really is. I can’t wait to take a trip to the East coast to visit your bakery!

  53. kathryn

    Hi Jennifer
    Will you ever ship your products to the UK? Please!!!!!!
    And I want a team celiac shirt, can they be purchased?
    Well done so far, I’ll hopefully visit next year, can’t wait.
    Kathryn xxx

  54. Paula

    Hi Jennifer.. I loved you on “Samantha Who”.. I have celiac disease- known for 2 years. now our children have the same symptoms only not as severe. I had been suffering for 10 years or more.. It drives me crazy to see a product in a store that says gluten free on the front but on the back in tiny letters if says”made in facilty that also produces wheat’ or “may contain wheat”..Um HELLO if it contians wheat or is produced around wheat it is NOT gluten free!!!.. I wonder how many people buy these products thinking they are safe and then get sick.. It really makes me mad.

  55. Angie

    Gluten does not only affect celiacs. I have been tested for celiac disease and it was negative. I was getting migraines, vertigo, nausea, fatigue, acid reflux, and more for a long time. I’m only 32 so I definitely should not have heart burn all the time. My naturalpathic doctor suggested that I cut gluten out because I could have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity (look it up). Since cutting out gluten, I no longer get the above mentioned symptoms, which I was getting daily prior to cutting gluten. I sure miss a lot of the foods I used to eat but organic, raw, natural, healthier, and gluten free foods have definitely helped me get my life back.

  56. Alicia

    Right on Jennifer!!!! I totally agree! I do not have celiac, but I have an autoimmune disorder called “churg strauss syndrome”. CSS. This resulted in my having a massive heart attack in 2008. Some of the symptoms include food allergies and asthma. Cheating is not an option because some of the white blood cells, which are markers for CSS being in an active state, elevate when I am exposed to allergens. So, eating whole grains and no processed food as well as natural sweeteners are a must to avoid inflammation in my body. I love that you do not use eggs, which I too am allergic to and I also love that you use maple syrup as a sweetener because I can have that as well….. Thanks so much for your dedication to healthy, gluten free foods.

    I read that you have or are coming out with a cook book. Is it out yet? I would love to purchase a copy…..

    thanks, Alicia

  57. Katie

    Really? In a way I see people with food allergies/sensitivities being taken more seriously. But yes, it’s mostly worthless. However, for people with gluten intolerance or just sensitivities, this is very appealing. It allows DD to reach a broader group of people. Making anything and calling it GF is very risky bc it’s so easy for someone with Celiacs to have a reaction. I appreciate the effort on Dominos and DD’s part even though we do not partake. People like us need to contact them and say thanks but no thanks, do it better. I don’t understand getting angry about this. Again, I see an effort being taken that is commendable, but needs improvement. I would love to give my DF/GF son a donut every now and then that wont have an averse effect on him. We used to get a donut about once a month at the store for fun. Yes, god forbid, getting a sugary tasty donut is considered fun in this house.

  58. Jeanette in Temecula

    Congrats on opening a gluten free bakery! I have often thought about doing my own lunch time organic, gluten free, dairy free catering business here in California. I also have Celiacs and in addition to that a thyroid problem, so I avoid gluten and dairy at all costs. It is difficult to eat out in restaurants , especially since there is so much cross contamination out there. I eat mainly at home but have learned so much about cooking with quality organic, non gmo, gluten free and dairy free foods. It’s a curse and a blessing sometimes, because if I didn’t know I had this disease my health would have continued to deteriorate, but completely changing my diet and taking supplements has helped me tremendously .I am not perfectly healthy but I treasure the days I feel good. :)

  59. Deanna

    My mom has Celiac, along with many other food allergies, so I somewhat understand your complaints about cross contamination and considering an item “gluten free” when in reality its not, but all I know is that my mom hasn’t been able to eat a GOOD donut, or for that matter any good sweets, in years and she would kill for some good gluten free junk food every once in a while. What is so wrong with making unhealthy gluten free choices??? It’s ultimately your decision whether or not you eat the unhealthy items, so if it really bothers you THAT much, don’t eat them, just leave them for those who want them! And also, I work in a restaurant and have learned that there is so much more work going into making a kitchen “gluten free” then the customers think. Yes the steps in general for making anything gluten free is difficult, possibly even in your own home, but a restaurant would practically have to extend their kitchen to make room for a designated gluten free area, hire a cook that can ONLY make those items, most likely have to a buy a new grill/stove because cleaning it after each use would make food come out to the customers slower, changing gloves, and so much more. I just personally think you’re point of view is very ‘needy’ sounding. Not everyone can cater to YOUR needs. There’s more behind the scenes than you may be realizing.

  60. Maik

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  61. B

    We need GF restaurants but reasonable priced. It seems that because the process or the products are a bit more expensive we are willing to pay anything for GF products. It has to stop and become more competitive as many people cannot afford many products due to their prices.

  62. Pingback: A Steaming Pile of Empathy: Ten Things You Should Know About Celiac Disease | snackishmusings

  63. Ann

    I mostly agree with Jennifer’s frustration. However, if I want to eat something sweet, like a donut, I don’t want it to be healthy. I want it to be good! I rarely get junk food and I think it’s important to lighten up a bit.

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